Display recent jobs and account changes or updates

In a perfect world the Avjobs system should...

Always get the latest version of a page to display recent jobs and account changes or updates.

Wondering why your browser doesn't always display the latest version of some pages, after you just updated your resume or made specific changes to your account?

Avjobs is updated daily and it is worth setting your browser to "Always Check for Newer Version of Stored Pages at Every Visit to the Page" (MSIE).

Check for newer versions of stored pages - The options in this section tells Internet Explorer what it should do when you visit a web page. Every time you visit a website Internet Explorer stores a copy of this web page in the Temporary Internet Files folder. When you revisit that same web page, whether or not that information is downloaded again or taken directly from locally stored copy is decided based upon the setting you choose in this section.

Internet Options Screen

Instructions on how to set your Internet Explorer Browser so it will always load the latest version of any web page. (You can follow these instructions right now, using this browser window, or print this page for later use).

Go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options .

A window will open like the one above. Click the General tab, then click the Settings button.

In the Settings window (left), check (or uncheck) the options you would like to use.

Note: These illustrations show Internet Explorer 6 in Windows XP. Other versions may vary slightly.

Please feel free to contact Avjobs with any additional questions regarding this topic.


IF YOU ARE NOT USING INTERNET EXPLORER YOU MAY HAVE TO CLICK ON "Refresh" OR "Reload" at the top of your browser, depending on which browser you are using. IF YOU ARE AN AOL CUSTOMER you can still use Internet Explorer as your browser, and you will find that it works great, as most web pages are designed to be viewed in Internet Explorer, with rather unpredictable results in other browsers.

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