Not require me to fill out pages before I can do a job search

In a perfect world the Avjobs system should...

Not require me to fill out pages before I can do a job search.

The Key to Success is completing the Process! The Interactive Avjobs Applicant System was created with you in mind. The system was set up as an interactive process, which is critically important to the success of your job search. In order to get the maximum value from this system you should set up your account and complete the Online Job Application & Resume Builder as soon as possible. By completing the initial walk through (setting up your account), this will enable you to take advantage of your "Personalized Settings". You can customize your home page with the information you need the most, which will be available immediately each time you sign in.

Set up My Account:

  • Personal Details: provide important historical employment details.
  • Applicant Details: provide your contact details and short bio for employer viewing.
  • Personalize Settings: decide what is important to you and what info you need to show up on your home page each time you sign in.

The "Online Job Application & Resume Builder", is much more than a resume. Once you have completed Online Job Application, you will be able to apply for jobs using the "One-Click" application process, print and fax your resume on demand, but more importantly, be placed in an online searchable database for Aviation Employers who are seeking active job seekers RIGHT NOW. Employers use this searchable online job application to find you.

Complete the Online Job Application:

  • Fill it out completely in order to take advantage of the "One Click" application process, print or fax your resume or save as a Word Doc for future use.
  • Go to the top of the list for employer viewing, each time you update or make a change to your information.
  • You can even elect to make your account hidden and unavailable for employer viewing, make this change in your Personalized Settings.

TTaking the extra time to provide feedback, answers questions, and provide complete account information helps to increase salaries, better working conditions, and create a greater job force for everyone and is not only part of the process, it is the key to maximizing your success.

Remember Avjobs always welcomes additional comments, feedback and suggestions to continue to make our services better for you.

Take the time to complete the process! - It's Easy!

EEach page of the process is self-explanatory and user friendly. Simply fill in the fields and our system will extract the necessary information from your choices to provide you with the information that is important to you!

In a perfect world the three (3) most important things this system should do are...

Your answers to this question are very important; in order to continue to better the system for you and to make sure you are aware of all of the benefits currently available.

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