Salary range and compensation data for job postings

In a perfect world the Avjobs system should...

Always provide the salary range and compensation data in each job posting.

What are Aviation employers willing to pay?

Since Avjobs applicants can search for positions by both wage type and salary; Avjobs highly encourages employers to provide a salary range for each position posted (low to high). We believe that you need to know whether the position will be paid by the hour or salary, as well as how much; unfortunately many companies are not able, or willing, to disclose this information on every job.

For this reason, Avjobs also offers a list of current Salary & Hourly "New Hire" earnings as reported by Participating Employers. "This is what aviation employers are offering to new employees today."

The aviation industry offers career opportunities to suit many interests and backgrounds. Avjobs provides this look at careers in aviation for you as you plan for your future.

Combine the Career Overviews, Salary Table and Job Search Tools to help you achieve your Aviation Career goal today!

You may check the current salary for any job any time! Go to the "Salaries" page. Select Salaries from the Navigation Menu.
(Each time an employer enters salary data into their posting, they contribute to the most recent industry salaries and the table is updated in "real-time".)

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