United States Armed Forces Discount

United States Armed Forces Discount

Military Discount
The Avjobs Military Discount program is designed to ease the transition from the military to a civilian aviation career. The program allows the industry to recapture quality talent and honors the men and women that have given so much of themselves to help others. If you have recently been discharged from the US Military, Avjobs offers a six (6) month US Military Discount under the Avjobs Cares Re-Employment Program.

To receive the United States Armed Forces Discount, you must meet the following eligibility requirements

  1. Have been discharged from any branch of the US Military within the last year (365 days)
  2. Provide a legible copy of your DD214 documentation verifying your service dates

Program Benefits

Recently discharged military personnel face many challenges as they transition to the civilian world. This innovative program is designed to assist post military personnel through trying times. Our priorities are to see these dedicated post military personnel return to a civilian aviation career and to ensure they have the necessary resources to keep their career search on track and productive. The program is specially designed to give post military personnel the tools they need to get back to work quickly, relieve stress, and eliminate cost for up to six (6) months. If you are a previous military member, please accept our gratitude, and enjoy the discount offered.

Take Advantage of This Discount

To take advantage of this Discount, register online at Avjobs.com for the Applicant account type that best meets your needs. After you have received your user name and password, follow the links to the "Account" section of the Applicant System, locate the "Special Offer Forms" section and send in the required documentation. Upon receipt of your qualifying documentation, the extended free period will be applied to your account and you will be notified of your new billing date following the expiration of the free period.

FAQ’s and Common Questions

What if I’m getting out in three months, but want to start looking for a job now?

Generally, applicants are not eligible for the Military Discount until they are officially discharged. However, if you sign up today, you can start searching and applying for jobs immediately. The day you are discharged, you become eligible for the Military Discount and can send in the qualifying documentation for processing.

What if I’m in the reserves but need to look for a job when I’m not on duty?

You should definitely check out our services, but we cannot offer you free service without a copy of your DD214.

What if I was released from a foreign military, am I still eligible?

At this time, this discount extends to United States Armed Forces only.

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