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Everything You Need to Know About Promoted Jobs (Aviation Ad Network)

Every day, candidates come to Avjobs to find the aviation job that fits them best. Candidates can enter the type of job they’re looking for and where they’d like to work, and tailor what jobs they’d like to see by searching for specific job title, salary ranges, job types, experience levels, location and more.

The search results they see are a combination of Standard job listings and Promoted jobs. These search results are then matched to the search terms entered and are sorted by relevance and the date the job was posted. However, you might be wondering: just what is the difference between Standard jobs and Promoted jobs?

Standard jobs—what they are and how they work

Standard job listings on Avjobs are jobs that are posted by employers. As new jobs are posted, existing standard listings move lower in the search results. New jobs are added to Avjobs every day and appear at the top of search results until another job is posted.

Promoted jobs—and its advantages compared to Standard jobs

Promoting jobs on Avjobs is one way to make your opportunities stand out. Promoted jobs are jobs that are promoted or boosted by employers, and they remain high in the search results. Because they’re the first jobs people see in the search results, they receive up to 5X more clicks. This is in contrast to Standard jobs, which fall further down the list as new Standard jobs are posted. Promoted jobs appear prominently at the top and the bottom of the page, for as long as you promote your jobs.  Promoted jobs also extend your reach to more aviation candidates on additional aviation specific web sites through the Aviation Ad Network.

Promoted Jobs are based on a pay for performance model. Employers set a monthly budget and only pay when a candidate clicks to view your job.

Creating ads is quick, easy and free. Aviation Ad Network lets you create your online advertising campaign by yourself with Self Service, or call us for free phone support at: 1-303-683-2322* (* Phone support available Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm MT)

Our dedicated team of Aviation Ad Network Specialists will work with you to make sure your self-service Aviation Ad Network account is set up for success, at no extra cost. Or if you prefer, let Avjobs build your campaign for a small fee with our Full Service option.

You decide how much to spend and we deliver relevant, quality candidate traffic. In this way, you can craft recruitment campaigns, track your return on investment and reach the widest audience of quality job seekers. While setting up your Aviation Ad Network campaign, our team is available to answer any questions and help you make adjustments so you can reach your target audience. 

You can learn more about how to sponsor jobs, and you can start sponsoring jobs on Avjobs Aviation Ad Network today.

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