Job Search Strategies Aviation Applicants Can Use Right Now

Strategies Aviation Applicants can use right now during the COVID-19 global pandemic to stay current.  

  • Take this time to focus on yourself, your professional growth and your career journey
  • Set self-improvement goals and how to achieve them – think education, career development, interview skills, relationships and networking, clearing your mind and de-stressing yourself
  • Fine tune your job search toolkit – Update Your Avjobs Master Profile and Resume, craft a cover letter template, quantify all your professional accomplishments
  • Use your Avjobs account to view job descriptions for keywords and verbiage you can use to reboot your resume
  • Illustrate how you have added value in all employment roles
  • Use the Avjobs Practice Interview to build your interview skills and get comfortable talking about your accomplishments
  • Keep applying for jobs as companies are still hiring and building pipelines for future jobs
  • Be patient and know you may not receive a response
  • Prepare for virtual and remote interviews
  • Know that part time or temporary work can open up more doors and lead to full time work
  • Build your professional brand and image to boost your career
  • Spend time to craft your 30-60 second elevator pitch
  • Clean up your online profiles and use professional photos
  • Reach out to your community and network with people in your role of interest
  • Grow your online presence and follow companies and experts on social media and make connections to strengthen your personal brand
  • Claim your Free Avjobs Applicant Account to take advantage of our resources available
  • And of course be patient and remain optimistic


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