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Displaced ATA Employees find work Thru Avjobs Cares Reemployment Service

by Tahna Stanley 2. April 2008 13:02
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Tahna Stanley
Director of Sales & Marketing
Avjobs, Inc.

Displaced ATA Employees find work Thru Avjobs Cares Reemployment Service

LITTLETON, CO (April 2, 2008) – Avjobs, Inc. and ATA have teamed up to provide all displaced employees with the highest level of reemployment assistance. All displaced and furloughed employees are eligible to receive free reemployment assistance through Avjobs Cares Reemployment Services.

"It is our priority to provide any displaced and furloughed aviation employees with immediate assistance", says Tim Lahey, President of Avjobs. The relief package is designed to give displaced workers the tools they need to get back to work in the aviation industry quickly.

ATA’s furloughed employees are invited to contact Avjobs to see how to receive free employment assistance. To assist individuals in their career transition, Avjobs is providing full service benefits for 6 months at no charge. Services include job vacancies with key industry employers, aviation specific Resume Builder, industry networking, interview preparation and assistance, private & professional email address, automated document preparation, career overviews on 70+ aviation careers, personal presentation techniques and more, all within a self paced and personalized system.

Industry employers are asked to contact Avjobs to see how they can help affected employees. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of former ATA employees.


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Press Release


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