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Secretarial General Clerical

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Secretarial & General Clerical
Secretarial and Clerical duties include word processing reports and correspondence primarily on IBM PC type equipment, maintaining files, compiling statistical data, handling reception and telephone responsibilities and operating a wide variety of business machines. Shorthand and typing skills are required.

Clerical and office support positions abound in the air industry. In many airports clerical support is the second largest hiring department. Typical clerical support workers perform many duties, including bookkeeping, typing, and maintaining records and files. They also handle various other office tasks, such as operating office equipment (photocopiers, faxes, computers) and answering phones.

Typical Requirements and/or Experience

Qualifications depend on the position, but applicants should have from one year of work experience and typing ability to an undergraduate college degree. Clerks must be able to keep a neat, organized work area, and perform a variety of tasks, sometimes on a deadline. Depending on the position, clerks may need additional skills or training in math, accounting, word processing, or customer service.

Wages and Benefits

Salaries and benefits can vary. For an updated look at salaries in the aviation industry, view the Avjobs.com Salary Report.

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Secretarial General Clerical

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