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Airline Operations Agent

Position Description

The most important duty of the operations agent is to keep track of the number of passengers, pieces of luggage, and amount of fuel. The operations agent has to make sure that all cargo or luggage is properly and securely strapped into the compartments. The agent works very closely with ramp personnel and the airport station agent or manager.

Typical Requirements and/or Experience

The operations agent must have top-notch communication skills for receiving and transmitting information from and to pilots, ground crew, flight schedulers, and fuelers. This person must be able to juggle a large amount of information at once, and prioritize what needs to get done when. If a flight is overbooked, agents must make decisions to remedy the situation in a way that will not negatively impact the schedule. Computer and math skills also may be required . Although this position is based at the airport, airlines tend to do all the hiring.

Wages and Benefits

Salaries and benefits can vary. For an updated look at salaries in the aviation industry, view the Avjobs.com Salary Report.


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