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Slidell, Louisiana
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Air Reldan, Inc.

Air Reldan, Inc. is an air taxi/flight school operation located at the Slidell Airport (KASD),approximately 45 minutes from the New Orelans Metro area. We have been in business for 40 years since opening our doors in 1982. We operate 2 King Air E90's, an F90, 2 Seneca III's, an M20J and 3 C-172's. In addition to the air taxi and flight school, we have been deploying buoys into the Gulf of Mexico every 3-5 weeks for over 34 years. Our air taxi customers include specialized Drs that we transport 2-3 days a week (all daytime operations), ongoing for 8 years now, as well as transporting medical transplant teams and organ only flights day and night regularly on demand. We maintain an excellent rapport with the local FAA, have company checkairman authority, and plan on entering the Jet charter market early next year.

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Slidell, LA


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