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Oxnard, California
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Aspen Helicopters, Inc.

Aspen Helicopters, Inc has been in business for 35 years, we hold and have held contracts with the DOD, DOI and forestry for well over 30 years. We provide charter for Marines, Navy, and Army, as well as cargo and other type of military support with the air force. Our fleet of airplanes are capable of Aerial photography for mutiple companies and sub contracts such as power line (PG&E, Edison), forestry and land mapping. As well as ocean marine research with both NOAA and USGS. We have three B206B model's that perform Ag springing yearly. Company holds 133, 135, 137, and 145 certificates. Our fleet of helicopters are on contract with the department of forstry and DOI for fires support.

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Oxnard, CA


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