C & S Companies job details and career information

C & S Companies career details and job information

C & S Companies Syracuse NY United States C&S was founded as a partnership in 1968. Over the past four decades, the organization has diversified and steadily grown to its current level of nearly 500 employees. Whether you are an engineer, geologist, scientist, planner, designer, construction manager, inspector, tradesperson, or contracting personnel looking for a position that provides the challenges of a lifetime of opportunities, C&S Companies is the place for you. Our employee benefits and human resources programs are designed to attract and retain the best employees. In fact, in 2011, C&S was named the Best Large Company to Work For in New York State! Through our consistent growth, C&S provides an established and comfortable work environment, competitive salaries and benefits, great co-workers, and opportunities for advancement. We invite you to review our current job offerings and encourage you to consider becoming a part of C&S Companies. C&S has earned a solid reputation for delivering high-quality projects to clients nationwide. Headquartered in Syracuse, NY, C&S has continued to grow our presence across the country. Our diverse group of professionals specializes in meeting multi-disciplined challenges, working together to seamlessly complete both routine and complex projects. Our family of companies works together toward the common goal of building, protecting, enhancing, and maintaining our clients assets. Markets we serve include airports, government, healthcare, higher education, K-12 education, nuclear power, the wireless industry, and others. As a full-service firm, C&S delivers comprehensive professional services in many areas.

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C & S Companies
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