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Richmond Heights, Ohio
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Corporate Wings

Corporate Wings was launched as an aircraft management company and fixed base operation nearly 40 years ago and serves as the foundation for the Directional Aviation Portfolio. Corporate Wings is proud to be the world’s first managed aircraft company that focuses on super-mid and large cabin aircraft for private and business travel. With nearly four decades of experience, Corporate Wings has established the brightest and most capable group of professionals in the industry. The talented team, combined with industry-leading technology infrastructure, is uniquely positioned to handle every aspect of modern aircraft operations. Corporate Wings is proud to provide direct access and leverage a variety of services from other business aviation companies, under the Directional Aviation portfolio. With our vast experience and dynamic aircraft access, Corporate Wings is truly the best solution for FAA Part 135 and Part 91 Flight Operations, regulatory compliance, flight crew staffing, maintenance, scheduling and dispatching, and effective operational cost control.

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Richmond Heights, OH


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