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Execujet Charter Service

Safety. Service. Excellence. Since 1994, ExecuJet Charter Service has been providing its clients with unparalleled service in all facets of private air travel. It was founded at the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Airport by two gentlemen who believed that providing excellent customer service while flying the safest aircraft and working with the most experienced staff available was the key to succeeding in the aviation industry. One of those men, Peter Cunzolo, is the President and CEO of the company today, and he continues to run ExecuJet at its location at Sheltair with these founding principles in place. ExecuJet Charter Service proudly maintains a sterling reputation in private jet transportation. Safety, comfort and convenience, along with speed and reliability, make our aircraft charters an unbeatable alternative to commercial air transportation.

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Citation Ultra PIC

Tampa, FL


Chief Pilot Hot

Tampa, FL


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