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Executive Fliteways, Inc.

Founded in 1981, Executive Fliteways, Inc. (EFI) is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to provide air transportation worldwide in our corporate jet aircraft. Our expert teams of professionals perform the many and varied services that allow any company or individual to avail themselves of the myriad benefits of corporate aviation. Headquartered at New York's MacArthur Airport (ISP), our charter aircraft are available on a 24-hour, 7-day-per-week basis every day of the year. The fundamental goal of the company has always been to provide our clients with the safest and most convenient air travel possible. All flight crewmember and maintenance personnel at Executive Fliteways undergo extensive initial and recurrent aircraft training that exceeds FAA standards. Executive Fliteways is an active member of the National Air Transportation Association (NATA), the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) and the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF). Our client list includes many of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as leaders in the fields of government, sports and entertainment. In 2004, Executive Fliteways became the second FAR Part 135 company in the country to receive IS-BAO certification, affirming that our operational policies and procedures meet or exceed the very high standards set by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC). Today, we are also certified WINGMAN by Wyvern, Platinum rated by ARGUS and our Safety Management System (SMS) is rated level four by the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF). Our Company Mission Statement is as follows: “To exceed the industry standard for flight safet. To provide for individualized attention and the highest level of customer service to each of our clients… And to foster and provide an open and participatory work environment which encourages positive change, rewards innovation and provides for growth and opportunity for all employees”.

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