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Flex Air

Flex Air Part 61 / 141 Flight Training Flex Air is a veteran and minority owned and operated flight school for everyone aspiring to careers in aviation. What makes us different: We provide mentorship and career placement services for every student and employee. We think the pilot shortage is a mentorship shortage. Founded in 2018. Over 400 airline, corporate, charter, and cargo pilot alumni. Bases in Kansas (MHK, OJC) and California (MYF). Part 61 and Part 141 operations. One-on-one training environment. We target a student-to-instructor ratio of 6.0. C-172 fleet. Department of Defense SkillBridge flight school for Veterans, GI Bill, VR&E, Military Friendly® school. All instructors receive career mentorship, networking, resume-building, interview prep, and job placement services at no cost. Our career placement rate is 100%. Our training outcomes are 340% better than industry average.

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Flight Instructor ATP Track

San Diego, CA


Flight Instructor ATP Track

Manhattan, KS


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