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G2 Secure Staff

G2 Secure Staff, LLC employs over 6,000 aviation services professionals at 54 top traveled airports across the United States.<br><br><br /><br />We provide a wide range of aviation service solutions, including Terminal, Security, Aircraft Appearance, Ramp, Passenger Service, Cargo and Maintenance services. Please see our services tab at the top of our page to view a detailed page with each service. We provide services for long and short term agreements based on your company needs.<br><br><br /><br />We only use the most up-to-date technology to assure our operations run as smooth as possible. Our tablet devices can track the location of our work force as well as assign necessary assignments in order to create a quick and smooth experience for our customers. We also utilize the same technology to improve timeliness within our operations.<br /><br />Due to experience, we have a great understanding of the aviation industry and take notice when we see an employee going above and beyond their line of work. To those employees who work hard day in and day out we award with a Service Excellence Pin. This unique pin can be proudly displayed on their outer most garments while they work.<br><br><br /><br />Our customers have all responded very favorably to our service delivery which is led by experienced management and dedicated employees. Our Operations management consists of a blend of former airline, aviation staffing and aviation security professionals. The talent level and diversity of this team allows G2 to funnel customer resources directly to the operation in a quality manner.<br><br><br /><br />Our primary focus is to ultimately limit air carrier expenses in challenging times. Accordingly, all legacy and many low cost air carriers are included in our overall client portfolio of approximately 100 customers.

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Director of Operations

Seattle, WA


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