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Mena, Arkansas
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Hampton Aviation

Hampton Aviation specializes in heavy structural repair, maintenance, modifications, and more on any aircraft from piston singles to cabin class turbines. 40 qualified professional, and hardworking employees on staff 50+ years we've been serving the aviation industry coast to coast 60,000 square feet of capacity within our diversified facility Since 1965, Hampton Aviation has maintained a singular focus: taking care of our customers. As experts in the industry of aviation service and repair, we’ve spent over five decades performing repairs, modifications, maintenance, and more on an extensive list of aircraft. With our proven combination of quality, cost effectiveness, and turn around time, we can confidently say that Hampton Aviation is unlike any other structural repair facility in the industry. Current facilities include our corporate office, two state of the art enveironmentally controlled maintenance hangars and a 15,000 square foot paint hangar. We have designed our facility with an extensive list of aircraft in mind, and we have the equipment and capabilities to repair anything from piston singles to cabin class turbines and Citations and Beechjets.

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