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Warner Springs, California
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Sky Sailing, Inc

Since 1959 Sky Sailing tm , Inc has been a World Leader in the Sport of Soaring! Soaring is flying sailplanes (aka gliders). We train and do rides for one or two passengers. Our training is from primary through Commercial CFIG. We also do cross country and aerobatic flying, as well as motor-glider endorsements. We are open from 9 to 5 daily and enjoy some of the best year round soaring weather in the World. We are known for our instruction beyond the minimum. We work with beginners, and with add-on pilots. Flying sailplanes is by far the best way to not only learn to fly, but to make you the pilot you have always dreamed of being. Warner Springs is conviently in the middle of no-where, and has the advantage of fantastic soaring weather. If you draw a line between San Diego and Palm Springs that is where you will find us.

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Tow Pilot

Warner Springs, CA


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