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Before SPS was started in 2005, our CEO Nilmini Thompson was a government contract employee, serving in a myriad of logistics planning, information management, and deployment readiness positions. It was from the above business operational primary mindset Nilmini established SPS’ business operational framework. That being a solutions-based company that focuses on partnering with our customers to solve problems, rather than just the tasks at hand. And looking back we can proudly say that it was the right mindset and has contributed to countless significant customer successes over the years. SPS Today. Today, SPS’ ground and aviation service brands have operated in over 40 locations and counting. Our companies continue to provide a full spectrum of quality ground and aviation logistics, supply, maintenance, engineering, training, fielding, and IT platform-based services, including excellent lifecycle-based reliability, usability, and maintainability services. SPS has recently expanded its capabilities to providing equipment production and network security testing. Systems Products and Solutions is a solutions-based company with expertise spanning across a broad range of defense ground and aviation services. Our commitment to perform with integrity is instilled in every employee as a non-negotiable expectation of behavior. This expectation is guided by our integrity policy and is underscored by an extensive array of operating policies, processes, and communications. Our Mission & Vision Mission Our mission is to identify, develop and deliver rapid solutions to strengthen warfighter readiness. Vision Be the global small business leader strengthening national security.

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