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University of Arizona

University of Arizona Established in 1885, the University of Arizona, the states land-grant university produces graduates who are real- world ready through its 100% Engagement Initiative. UA is advancing the frontiers of interdisciplinary scholarship and entrepreneurial partnerships and is a member of the Association of American Universities, the nations 62 leading public and private research universities. UAs annual budget is $2.2 billion, and it enrolls 45,000 students each year; recognized as a global leader, the UA is also a leader in research, bringing more than $622 million in research investment each year, and ranking 22nd among all public universities. UA benefits the state with an estimated economic impact of $8.3 billion annually. The Universitys Research Enterprise The University of Arizona is classified as a Carnegie Foundation RU/VH: Research Universities (very high research activity), university (formerly Research 1, university). UA has more than $622 million in research investment each year and ranks 22nd nationally among all public universities. The pillars of Arizonas new strategic plan research initiatives are (i) Space Technology, Development and Defense for the Fourth Industrial Revolution; (ii) Future Earth; Shaping a Resilient Natural and Built Environment, (iii) Healthier Communities, Aging and the Brain, and Resilient Humans; (iv) Humans, Society, and Intelligent Systems; and College of Data, Computing, and Network Science. The Research Office provides services to the University for proposal development, compliance and integrity, and core facilities. The Vice President for Research will report to this SVP position. T he Universitys Areas of Excellence , Opportunities for Signature Deals Significant partnerships, commercialization, and social impact will likely come in the areas where UA has demonstrated excellence and plans for future investment and development. The SVP and staff will have/develop keen understandings of research in these domains and work with the Provost, Senior Vice President Research, deans, and faculty to develop joint research and funding streams with commercial and not for profit partners. The deal team, will focus on partnerships that bridge academic units and multiple faculty and build on current corporate engagement programs which will move under the SVPs office ( ). The universitys goal is to create ten new, significant alliances, many of which will occur in UAs areas of excellence. Partnering agreements will be achieved with both established organizations and new companies. Areas of excellence include the following foci: In space technology and exploration, UA ranks #1 in the country in research and development. Future possibilities for research and development include (i) humans and robots, (ii) expanding understanding of the origins of life in space, (iii) developing monitoring technologies and (iv) business models for space development. Commercial ventures in these areas are accelerating and UA should be a prime partner for joint research and development endeavors. A focus on future earth research will include planning such as predictive modeling and linking this modeling to built environment models, building resilience to extreme climates, and creating solutions to create a sustainable built environment. Here too joint endeavors with external organizations will accelerate commercial application of discoveries and advancements by UA faculty and researchers. UAs two medical schools and basic science departments across the university are developing approaches and new therapies for personalized medicine through work on precision health and the brain and the immune system. Major alliances with other research intense institutions and biopharma firms will be effective for advancing science through multi investigator and multi institutional efforts. Fostering permeable boundaries across science, engineering, and human health will support UAs efforts to integrate research in human, society, and intelligent systems. This work will include advancing technology of intelligent systems and human engagement with these systems, defining law, privacy, and security in an increasingly digital world, and applying visual literacy, design thinking, and creative expression to solve critical human problems. Delivering Discoveries to the Market Tech Launch Arizona ( TLA ) is the university principal pathway for commercializing discoveries, inventions, and new knowledge. Commercialization is the process of turning discoveries into inventions, first by patenting intellectual property, then licensing those patents to established companies or to new UA startups. TLAs 25 staff (including mentors/executives in residence) are responsible for working with faculty to increase invention disclosure and then patent discoveries, license proprietary technology to commercial firms, and work with entrepreneurs and investors to create start up companies. This work includes working with the angel funding groups in southern Arizona, venture firms from across the country, and entrepreneurs to launch start-up companies. The universitys goals in the next few years are to increase invention disclosures to over 400 and launch 50+ start ups based on UA discoveries. The start ups are likely to cluster in the areas of excellence described above. Building an Innovation Ecosystem Ecosystem development combines outreach and advocacy to create a regional business environment where inventors, entrepreneurs and established businesses have the resources they need to thrive, backed by sound policy and a culture of innovation. The SVP will have several tools to expand the current environment. The first two tools are the Corporate Engagement programs and TLA. Additionally, under the direction of the SVP, UAs research parks , Tech Parks Arizona - will be places for university related research as well as the Corporate Engagement and TLA staff. Tech Parks Arizona creates the place, environment, and interactive ground that generates, attracts and retains technology companies and talent in alignment with the research, mission and goals of the university. Tech Parks Arizona is the umbrella organization for the UA Tech Park at Rita Road, UA Tech Park at The Bridges, and the Arizona Center for Innovation with the highest priority of recruiting companies with connections to the UA to locate at these facilities. UA Tech Park at Rita Road includes 2,000,000 square feet of research, development, and manufacturing space occupied by well established companies such as Raytheon and IBM. The Arizona Center for Innovation , located at Rita Road , provides mentoring, support services, and facilities for faculty wishing to advance research to a pre-commercial stage and early stage companies. UA Tech Park at the Bridges, which is initially planned to add an additional 2,000,000 square feet of space, will be developed with a UA partner , it is close to campus and will house incubator/accelerator facilities, maker space for use by faculty and students, both the Corporate Engagement and TLA staff, offices and labs for startup companies, and event space for regional meetings of investors, faculty/researchers, and entrepreneurs. The Bridges will be adjacent to a large scale development of retail, offices, restaurants, and living units; the overarching goal of the full development is creating a live, work, and play innovation district.

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