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Logan, Utah
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Located in beautiful Cache Valley, Campbell Scientific, Inc., employs more than 300 people dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art measurement and control systems to customers all over the world. We provide a competitive, total compensation package coupled with a well-known family-friendly work environment. Founded in 1974, the company has achieved preferred employer status reflected by an average employee tenure of more than 14 years. "Exceptional people are critical to our success. While we pride ourselves on innovative, high-quality products and great customer support, we realize that it all starts with great people. I look forward to coming to work each day because of our people and the passion and commitment they have for our organization and customers." Rob Campbell, President and CEO Our Culture We believe in working together to achieve common goals and in balancing our work lives with other interests in a healthy and manageable way. We believe in removing obstacles that interfere with productivity, celebrating milestones, and finding ways to make work more fun. As an employee, you can expect clear and consistent communication with your manager about job expectations and the effect of your contributions toward our strategic initiatives. Our Core Values We select, promote, recognize, and reward our employees based on these values: Accountability – personal responsibility to honor commitments with integrity and transparency Respect – treat clients and fellow employees with trust, humility, and respect, and expect the same in return Client-Centric – individual dedication to know our clients and serve our clients Teamwork – work collaboratively with others to achieve our goals Innovation – radically improve the client experience by applying appropriate technologies and processes Continually Improve – embrace change and evolve quickly to improve what we do and how we do it Our Mission We are committed to satisfying the measurement instrumentation needs of our customers, especially those who are working to advance science and technology for the benefit of humankind. Our Vision Be the global supplier of choice in environmental and infrastructure monitoring solutions. Our Employees There are four characteristics that we look for in our potential employees: A passion for what we do (or a passion for what you do professionally and pride in how it contributes to our overall team success) A drive to constantly learn and grow A solid work ethic A mission of service to other Diversity and Equal Opportunity Campbell Scientific, Inc., is an equal opportunity employer, and it is our goal is to make every employee feel valued, respected, and heard. Our diverse, mission-driven employees are unique, but we share a common passion for providing solutions and services that are designed to meet the measurement and monitoring needs of our customers. We strive to create a workforce that more closely matches the diversity of the customers we serve. Environmental Sustainability When we talk about our commitment to environmental sustainability, we are referring to our mindfulness of the effect that we have on our environment and natural resources. As a company and as individuals, we make a conscious effort to produce the smallest environmental impact possible so that we may preserve our quality of life for present and future generations. As a manufacturer of scientific measurement instruments, our products are used by scientists and researchers across the globe to make more informed, data-driven decisions that affect the future of our environment. Moreover, our products are used in the renewable energy market for solar and wind energy assessments so that we can lessen our dependence on non-renewable resources.

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