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The vision of JetSuiteX is to provide simple and reliable air travel that reignites the joy and wonder of flying. JetSuiteX launched service in April 2016 selling daily flights on 30-seat jets from private terminals on the West Coast and Las Vegas. By coupling the speed and convenience of the private flying ground experience with the flight frequency and fares of commercial airlines, JetSuiteX has quickly grown in both size and popularity and, today, offers over 300 flights a week to six destinations. In addition to the extreme efficiency and time savings due to the elimination of airport lines and hassles, JetSuiteX offers a superior onboard customer experience with complimentary snacks, beverages and business-class legroom at every seat within its beautifully appointed E135s. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, and backed by major investors including jetBlue and Qatar Airways, JetSuiteX is poised to significantly expand its fleet and footprint in the coming months and years. We are actively seeking fun, passionate and innovative Crewmembers (the terms we use for all employees – whether they fly or not!) to join us in our quest to change how the world experiences air travel.

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Las Vegas, NV


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