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Flex Air Part 61 / 141 Flight Training Flex Air is a veteran and minority owned and operated flight school for everyone aspiring to careers in aviation. What makes us different: We provide mentorship and career placement services for every student and employee. We think the pilot shortage is a mentorship shortage. Founded in 2018. Over 400 airline, corporate, charter, and cargo pilot alumni. Bases in Kansas (MHK, OJC) and California (MYF). Part 61 and Part 141 operations. One-on-one training environment. We target a student-to-instructor ratio of 6.0. C-172 fleet. Department of Defense SkillBridge flight school for Veterans, GI Bill, VR&E, Military Friendly® school. All instructors receive career mentorship, networking, resume-building, interview prep, and job placement services at no cost. Our career placement rate is 100%. Our training outcomes are 340% better than industry average.

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Reddit Warnings about airline pilot training at ATP Flight School

Reddit's r/flying community is has been a long time repository for students complaining about ATP Flight School, and warning others to avoid ATP, but today has been an unusually busy day, with the forum lighting up with an array of complaints and critiques targeting the flight school known for its accelerated training programs aimed at catapulting students into professional aviation careers. From discussions about the school's teaching methods and instructor attitudes to financial arrangements and the pressure-cooker environment purportedly cultivated within its walls, members have not held back in sharing their personal experiences and observations. This wave of feedback, ranging from detailed personal accounts to brief expressions of frustration, paints a complex picture of a pivotal stepping stone in many pilots' journeys.

Flex Air Flight School named 2024-2025 Military Friendly® School

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2024 / -- Flex Air Flight School, a pioneer in aviation training, is proud to announce its recognition as a Military Friendly® School for 2024-2025. This distinction from MilitaryFriendly.com celebrates Flex Air’s ongoing commitment to military veterans through its expanding SkillBridge Commercial Pilot Gateway program, which has been instrumental in transitioning service members into civilian aviation careers.

I own a flight school, so I applied for a Sallie Mae Flight Training Student Loan

Flex Air offers a number of Flight Training Financing options, but we are not part of the Sallie Mae program. We've applied to be included in the Sallie Mae network a few times, but never heard back. Looking at other schools in the Sallie Mae network, I notice that they're mainly big pilot mills who talk a lot about low loan rates, but have zero to say about their dropout rates, first-time checkride pass rates, career placement rates, or personal connections to veteran and minority communities... but I digress.

Sometimes our prospective students complain that the Sallie Mae rates are so much lower. If you're a prospective aviator who shops SOLELY based on interest rates, this blog post is a love letter to you.

SPOILER ALERT: Sallie Mae Flight School Loans are not quite what they seem.


Parts of an Airplane Cockpit: Main Components of an Aircraft's Cockpit

Welcome to the world of aviation, where you will step into the pilots' hub - the airplane cockpit. This guide will provide in-depth information about the cockpit, the pilots' central command area which governs every aspect of the aircraft's journey from takeoff to landing. As you delve deeper, you'll understand that the cockpit's sophistication goes well beyond just a pilot, co-pilot, and an instrument panel.

The Electric Revolution

Flight training is about to change for the better

Online Private Pilot Training Free with ChatGPT Plus

Flex Air's Private Pilot License PPL Trainer is an experimental tool to help you study for your PPL, to quiz yourself, practice radio calls with simulated ATC, even a virtual DPE. This free online training tool is a supplement to ground school and designed to help you learn more quickly. Ready to gear up and start your training program?

Airline Pilot Salary 2023: How Much do Pilots Make?

Airline Pilot Salary 2023: How Much do Pilots Make?

What is the Average Salary for Airline Pilots?

Airline pilots are among the most highly paid professionals in the world. According to the the most recent US Government Occupational Outlook Handbook (May 2022), the salary for commercial pilots is $103,910 per year. The median annual wage for airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers is $$211,790. However these Bureau of Labor Statistics are already out of date. Since their release most major US airline have provided substantial pay increases. Additionally, pilots participate in employers' health, life and disability insurance, and retirement & pension plans. These plans often more generous that what employees in other fields receive.  Obviously, these figures are averages of the the wide variation in pilot salaries across different airlines, aircraft types, and experience levels.

Increases in Airline Pilot Pay

The median annual earnings for airline pilots in the US was $202,180 as of May 2021, but since then the pilot shortage has led to significant increases in airline pilot salary and compensation across the industry. Here's a summary of the recent changes in airline pilot salaries and compensation at the largest us airlines in just the last year.

The Pilot Shortage is Not Over

The pilot shortage is a complex issue. This is a comprehensive analysis of the shortage of pilots examining pilot supply and pilot demand. It includes original research, statistics and charts showing the urgent need for pilot training and the value in become an airline pilot.

How fast can you get through flight training?

Flight training is challenging and rewarding, but there are several steps that everyone must go through to become an airline pilot. How fast can you do it and what factors make the difference?

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