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Avjobs Cares Re-Employment Service

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Avjobs Cares Re-Employment Service

Help Your Displaced Employees get Back to Work

Avjobs' expertise and industry leadership gets displaced individuals back to work quickly. When an employee is faced with a voluntary or involuntary career transition, it is a very difficult and challenging time for them. It is our priority to provide displaced and furloughed workers with the highest level of re-employment assistance immediately upon release.

The Avjobs Cares Re-Employment Service makes a difference in employee exits from your company and, eases their transition to a new career. We provide the course of action necessary to move displaced employees easily and quickly to a new position in the aviation industry.

 Airline, Airport, Aerospace, General Aviation Jobs, Careers, Employment Opportunities

 Airline, Airport, Aerospace, General Aviation Jobs, Careers, Employment Opportunities Why is it Important?

"It is our priority to provide any displaced and furloughed aviation employees with immediate assistance". The relief package is designed to give displaced workers the tools they need to get back to work in the aviation industry quickly.

 Airline, Airport, Aerospace, General Aviation Jobs, Careers, Employment Opportunities
- Helping employees through difficult times is the right thing to do
- Minimize disruption in the work place
- Let the industry recapture industry talent
- Preserve your company's reputation as a good corporate citizen by assisting former employees to become re-employed in the aviation industry
- Recognize the employees significance he/she has contributed during tenure
- Ensure a smooth transition and reduce the chance of legal liability by focusing the affected employee toward the future
- Reduce the stress-level of managers involved
- Maintain healthy morale among remaining employees

Avjobs Cares Coverage

Avjobs Cares Re-Employment Service assists small and large companies and all affected personnel during organizational or personal transitions.  Employee eligibility includes all voluntary or involuntary separations. Layoffs occur for many reasons including site work force transitions, closures, restructurings, promotions, down sizing's, retirements, contract terminations, layoffs, mergers and acquisitions, and bankruptcy. Any time an employee is out of work due to these unforeseen situations, Avjobs Cares Re-Employment Services provides the tools for a successful transition.

Our relief package covers all sectors of commercial, corporate, and general aviation including airlines, airports, aerospace, manufacturers, government agencies, unions, suppliers, FBO's etc., and all work force personnel are covered.

Relief Package at a Glance

Avjobs Cares offers a range of Re-Employment Services designed to assist employees through difficult transitions resulting from terminations and layoffs. We provide the following productivity tools:

 Airline, Airport, Aerospace, General Aviation Jobs, Careers, Employment Opportunities - Aviation Industry Specific Assistance - Interview assistance
  - Daily job availability updates - Career Overviews on 70+ aviation careers
  - High quality job leads & vacancies - Personalized calendar integration
  - Industry networking - Maps & driving directions to interviews & work locations
  - Timely & informative material - Industry specific tips
  - Access to small & large industry companies - Personal presentation technique
  - Aviation specific Resume Builder - Nationwide company directory
  - One step application procedure - Educational & training assistance with Aviation Schools
  - Private & professional email address - Help set salary expectations
  - Automated document preparation - Self paced & personalized
  - Job Search Assistant to keep applicants focused - Active promotion to over 7,000 companies
Enhance your employee benefits package and their 'piece of mind'

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