Avjobs finds aviation jobs based the keywords you enter and sorts the results based on keyword weighting. You get a narrower set of search results that are also more relevant.
Note: You must enter at least one search term in order to get job results.

Search using Job Titles
Say you're searching for an Airport Customer Service position. You would enter "Airport Customer Service" in the search field. Avjobs will return jobs that have the words "Airport Customer Service" in them. You can also search for more than one job title at a time, such as Flight Attendant, Manager, Pilot.

Search using Keywords
Keywords are best used to describe your skills or the industry category you want to work in. You'll see job results that include those keywords and jobs that require those skills.

Search using Location
Enter city, state, or zip code (or any combination) for your job location. A list of jobs in those locations will appear in your search results.

Searching by company allows you to see all the jobs available at the companies you entered. You can enter a single company name or a number of names. You can even enter a company name and location.

More Search Options
You can focus your search even more by typing additional or alternate search terms. If you enter the company name without any other criteria, you'll see all jobs available at the company you entered. If you want to add job title or location, type that in too. Jobs that most closely match your criteria will appear at the top of your search results.

Browse Jobs
Browse all of Avjobs.com jobs using various search criteria such as location, category, company, job title, postal code, country, keyword, continent, region, geographic location, wage and an advanced search that allows you to combine various criteria while narrowing your results..