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Apply for Nurse job at Air Evac Lifeteam today Nurse job at Air Evac Lifeteam
location on map is approximate


Air Evac Lifeteam
Pears, TX
United States

Hourly: USD

Job Type Full Time Position Summary Provides direct patient care in accordance with Air Evac Lifeteam protocols and/or online medical direction. Duties and Responsibilities Provides pre-hospital advanced life support care from initial contact until patient care is relinquished to the accepting medical facility maintaining thorough patient care documentation Knowledgeable in the use and routine malignance of all equipment and supplies used by emergency programs Attends pre-mission briefings and mission debriefing and completes necessary documentation Assists in pre-mission liftoff checklist and pilot assistance when needed, i.e. radio, navigational and visual observation activities Conducts aircraft safety briefings as needed Maintains awareness of current issues related to pre-hospital care through participation in professional activities, i.e. national, state legislative-elected or appointed Complies with safety standards to assure safety of self, medical personnel, patient, and equipment prior to liftoff Functions as a medical flight member B. Administrative duties Responsible for the completion and submission of Flight Records Responsible for daily Narcotic count Maintains competency in knowledge and psychomotor skills by participating in ongoing laboratory and clinical experiences Maintains documentation of required licensure, certifications, continuing education, safety, and advanced procedures in the Employee Education Manual Maintains positive interpersonal relationships with colleagues, EMS representatives, hospitals, and the public Participates regularly in departmental activities, projects, and committees Attends and participates in meetings according to established base guidelines Acts as a preceptor and/or participates in orientation of new employees You must currently meet and maintain a weight of 220 lbs. Ability to read analyze, and interpret health and flight-related journals, hospital reports, and job specific legal documents Ability to respond to inquiries or complaints from customers, regulatory agencies, or members of the business community Ability to perform mathematical functions Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions Ability to interpret an extensive variety of technical instructions in mathematical or diagram form and deal with several abstract and concrete variables

Required Experience QUALIFICATIONS Education: High school diploma required Current RN licensure in the state serviced EMT for RN prior to hire in Arkansas Skills: PHTLS or BTLS, NRP, BCLS, ACLS, and PALS completed prior to flight status CFP and CCEMT-P preferred but not required CEN or CCRN and EMT within one year of hire for Tennessee Three years AdultER/Critical Care Nursing experience Important Information An Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, genetic information, or protected veteran status and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability.

Nurse job at Air Evac Lifeteam
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Nurse job at Air Evac Lifeteam

Nurse job at Air Evac Lifeteam

Nurse job at Air Evac Lifeteam

Nurse job at Air Evac Lifeteam

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