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Apply for Station Agent job at Allegiant Air today Station Agent job at Allegiant Air
location on map is approximate

Station Agent

Allegiant Air
Bellingham, WA
United States

Hourly: USD

Requisition Number 17-0433 Title STATION AGENT (BLI) Job Family Ramp/CS Agent Location BLI - Bellingham City Bellingham State WA Job Type Part-Time DOT Regulated No Description What does a CSA/GOA do for Allegiant? This position is responsible for providing customer service to all customers including scheduled or charter services. Responsibilities will also include ground operations aircraft cleaning security operations and commissary duties as required. What are some of the daily duties of a CSA/GOA? Process tickets check baggage monitor carry-on baggage for size and quantity and assign seats Provide information on arrival and departure times boarding procedures carry-on regulations and seating arrangements Handle denied boarding situations solicit volunteers re-accommodate customers and provide hotel meal and taxi vouchers when appropriate Ensure FAA Allegiant Air and airport regulations are followed Enforce safety/security measures and monitors safety sensitive zones Assist Customers with special needs i.e. Customers who need assistance in boarding Load and unload baggage and co-mail of various weight and dimensions to and from aircraft and applicable airport baggage areas Marshal in the planes and push back the aircraft Operate heavy motorized machinery/equipment including but not limited to tugs tractors belt loaders bag carts pushback tractors deicers etc. Coordinate provide training and ensure training requirements are met for all employees i.e. new hire recurrent supplemental and local training issues Other duties as assigned What are the minimum requirements to be a CSA/GOA? High School diploma or equivalent Minimum one (1) year Customer Service experience or the equivalent in related training and/or experience; Airline industry preferred What other skills knowledge and qualifications are needed to be a CSA/GOA? Basic computer skills; Knowledge of general office equipment Must be people oriented highly motivated with a positive and friendly attitude Must be available to work varied hours including nights weekends and holidays and must be able to stay late for irregular operations Ability to read and write English Must be well groomed and adhere to dress code policy Work in extreme outdoor conditions Ability to push/pull/lift up to 300 lbs on a continuous basis Ability to work efficiently under time constraints Must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid drivers license Must pass a background check and pre-employment drug screen Must have authorization to work in the U.S. as defined in the Immigrations Act of 1986 Able to attend required training TRAINEE STATUS:Upon offer of employment you will remain in trainee status until successful completion of all practical and written curriculum is completed What are the physical requirements of a CSA/GOA? Must be able to push/pull 300 pounds. Must be able to pick up 70 pounds from the floor to waist level or higher then carry it in front of you with both hands for a distance of up to 25 feet and have the ability to lift that same weight above shoulders on a continuous basis; must have physical dexterity sufficient to perform repetitive tasks and motions including bending at the waist and knees squatting kneeling crawling twisting and sustaining those positions for extended amounts of time. Must have sufficient vision and abiliAvjobs.com
Station Agent job at Allegiant Air
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Station Agent job at Allegiant Air

Station Agent job at Allegiant Air

Station Agent job at Allegiant Air

Station Agent job at Allegiant Air

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