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Apply for Senior Development Manager Redshift job at Amazoncom today Senior Development Manager Redshift job at Amazoncom
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Senior Development Manager Redshift

Palo Alto, CA
United States

Hourly: USD

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides companies of all sizes with an infrastructure web services platform in the cloud. With AWS you can requisition compute power storage and other services–gaining access to a suite of elastic IT infrastructure services as your business demands them. AWS is the leading platform for designing and developing applications for the cloud has over 400000 third party developers writing applications for the platform and is currently used by leading companies like New York Times Netflix and NASA/JPL. See details at http://aws.amazon.com.
The Database Services team within AWS is responsible for setting the database strategy and delivering distributed structured storage services to AWS customers for the relational and the non-relational database segments. We believe that both AWS and Database Services while large profitable businesses are in their infancy. Over the next few years they will represent a very large business for Amazon. We are looking for an experienced technical leader to take our early lead in the database services market and extend it by defining and delivering industry leading next generation database services architected for the cloud.
In this role you will take overall responsibility for growing and leading a database software development team responsible for rethinking the assumptions behind how traditional database services were built and thinking how to build database services best suited for the cloud. You will develop the design implementation testing and deployment of these database services. You will draw from your deep and broad technical and management expertise to mentor senior engineers and managers complete hands-on technical work and provide leadership on complex technical issues design tradeoffs and feature and schedule prioritization. This is one of our most strategic technical projects with a long-term vision and an opportunity to deliver both significant business and industry-wide technical impact. As an engineering leader within Database Services you will also work with senior executives to develop business targets and resource requirements influence our technical and business strategy help hire talented engineers and managers and conceive innovative new solutions for our customers.
This position within the Database Services team represents a unusual opportunity to shape the technology and future of a rapidly evolving industry and business. A successful candidate will bring deep technical and software expertise and have strong business acumen and judgment the ability to define visionary ground breaking products the ability to hire and lead a team the desire to have an industry wide impact and ability to work within a fast moving startup environment in a large company to rapidly deliver services that have a broad business impact. As with all Amazon positions you will also be deeply customer-centric.
Positions in Palo Alto CA
+ Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Engineering AND 10+ years of relevant experience OR 15+ years of relevant work experience 7 of which must be in developing software
+ 6+ years in engineering people management positions
+ Masters or PhD in Computer Science or Engineering with a minimum of 15 years of relevant software development and engineering management experience
+ A leadership position in a team delivering database kernel virtualized storage distributed systems or operating systems
+ Work experience delivering one or more version one products ideally in a startup setting
AMZR Req ID: 593921
External Company URL: www.amazon.com Avjobs.com
Senior Development Manager Redshift job at Amazoncom
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Senior Development Manager Redshift job at Amazoncom

Senior Development Manager Redshift job at Amazoncom

Senior Development Manager Redshift job at Amazoncom

Senior Development Manager Redshift job at Amazoncom

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