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location on map is approximate


Clackamas, OR
United States

Hourly: USD

## About the Organization
Astronics Corporation is a leading supplier of advanced technologies and products to the global aerospace defense and semiconductor industries. Astronics products include advanced high-performance electrical power generation and distribution systems lighting and safety systems avionics products aircraft structures engineering design and systems certification and automatic test systems.
Astronics strategy is to increase its value by developing technologies and capabilities either internally or through acquisition and using those capabilities to provide innovative solutions to its targeted markets and other markets where its technology can be beneficial.
Astronics Corporation through its wholly-owned subsidiaries has a reputation for high-quality designs exceptional responsiveness strong brand recognition and best-in-class manufacturing practices.
## Description
PECO-Astronics located in Clackamas Oregon designs and manufactures highly engineered commercial aerospace interior components and systems for the aerospace industry. We specialize in Passenger Service Units (PSUs) which incorporate air handling emergency oxygen electrical power management and cabin lighting systems. We also manufacture a wide range of fuel tank access doors that meet stringent strength fuel sealing and anti-corrosion requirements.
The purpose of this position is to effectively plan and procure materials services and equipment in support of external and internal customer requirements. Plan and schedule the shop floor to sustain manufacturing operations in order to meet forecast and demand on a timely basis ensuring inventory levels are managed according to company objectives and industry best practices.

Duties and Responsibilities:
To perform this job successfully an individual must be able to perform each duty satisfactorily under normal supervision. The requirements listed below each are representative of the knowledge skill and/or ability.
Performs routine MRP analysis in support of forecast and customer requirements. Ensures material availability (on hand on order supports fluctuation in demand and respond accordingly.)
Knowledge of production plans; interacts with Production/Assembly Engineering Suppliers and subcontractors to ensure procurement of materials within approved schedules and quality specifications.
Reviews changes incorporated through Master Scheduling / Capacity Planning determines schedules level loading and makes decisions to firm plan release and or defer job orders based on MRP demand capacity and material availability.
Communicates with Engineering Warehouse Team Leads and Customer Service to insure timely completion of work orders.
Works closely with Engineering to maintain accurate Bills of Material (BOM) manufacturing plan NPI and obsolete of old product.
Performs MRB (Material Review Board) related functions that pertain to planning to insure timely response.
Provides reports and power point charts to management on an as needed basis and month end review.
Works closely with Purchasing Manager Master Scheduler and Manufacturing Engineering on LEAN projects (5SVSM POU KANBANs)
Observes safety and security procedures; reports potentially unsafe conditions.
Performs other work-related duties as assigned.
Attends Quality Manual Standards Training and applies Quality Standards accordingly.
This position may require knowledge of SOX / 404 internal audit controls and related documentation and this position may be responsible for the performance of various functions that may be an integral part of the Companys overall SOX / 404 internal control structure.
No Supervisory Responsibilities.
To perform the job successfully an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:
Quality - Displays understanding of PECOs Quality Policy; is thorough accurate and carefully attends to detail; completes tasks and responds to issues in a timely manner; delivers results and manages projects according to established timelines; completes tasks according to standards; seeks ways to exceed standards and improve work quality.
Continuous Improvement - Actively seeks out opportunities to progressively improve work processes and product; identifies inefficiencies in work processes and implements changes that reduce waste and improve accuracy and delivery time; displays ability to quantify the positive impact of implemented changes.
Professionalism - Approaches others in a tactful manner; Reacts well under pressure; Treats others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position; Accepts responsibility for own actions; Follows through on commitments.
Teamwork- Gains trust and cooperation of others through openness and communication; accepts constructive criticism; is considerate and tactful in dealing with others; eagerly provides assistance to others; displays strong work ethic and integrity in all activities.
## Position Requirements
To perform this job successfully an individual must be able to perform each duty satisfactorily. The list below is representative of the knowledge skill and/or ability preferred. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
Bachelors degree in business or related field or equivalent preferred.
APICS and/or CPM certificate preferred.
Two to three years manufacturing planning experience as a Planner in a job shop/OEM environment.
Excellent oral and written skills.
Ability to work in a team environment.
Thorough understanding of ERP lean / throughput techniques and MRP theory and concepts.
Excellent computer skills including spreadsheets word processing and presentation graphics. High level Excel / VBA preferred.
Experience and knowledge of working in a Sarbanes Oxley compliant environment.
Knowledge of the aerospace industry helpful.
## EOE Statement
We are an equal employment opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race color sex sexual orientation gender identity religion national origin disability veteran status or other legally protected status.
Title: Planner
Position: Planner (PECO)
Full-Time/Part-Time: Full-Time
Shift: Days
Location: Astronics PECO
Req Number: PRO-17-00053Avjobs.com
Planner job at Astronics
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Planner job at Astronics

Planner job at Astronics

Planner job at Astronics

Planner job at Astronics

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