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Apply for Level 3 Site Safety and Health Officer job at BAE Systems today Level 3 Site Safety and Health Officer job at BAE Systems
location on map is approximate

Level 3 Site Safety and Health Officer

BAE Systems
Summerville, SC
United States

Hourly: USD

Level 3 Health & Safety Manager, (SSHO)

Job Responsibilities.

+ Ensure the implementation of Accident Prevention Plans (APP).
+ Actively promote and support the health and safety programs at project sites.
+ Oversee the completion of Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) preparation and acceptance.
+ Facilitate health and safety training for Company staff, subcontractors, and any parties required to participate to ensure achievement of exceptional health & safety performance including developing training content and delivering course information.
+ Author health and safety related documentation (reports, logs, records, and site specific risk mitigation plans), completing required information for daily reports and client communications in a timely and accurate manner.
+ Ensure that all documentation is organized and uploaded to the project portal.
+ Provide oversight to subcontractors, clients, and project team members to ensure that project activities are completed according to applicable APP(s).
+ Conduct regular inspections to assess health and safety plan adherence as well as identify potential loss and risk.
+ Take appropriate actions to prevent loss and mitigate risk in accordance to company standards and practices.
+ Ensure that deficiencies are corrected in a timely manner and to acceptable measures.
+ Represent the Company in a positive and professional manner in client and regulatory agency interactions, serving as the primary point of contact for site health & safety.
+ Collaborate with Project Managers to ensure that health and safety activities are incorporated effectively into project plans.
+ Report health and safety incidents to the Company Incident Database.
+ Conduct related investigations thoroughly, completing associated documentation accurately.
+ Ensure implementation and documentation of corrective actions.
+ Verify implementation and close-out corrective actions.
+ Review of qualifications of subcontractors.
+ In addition to the accountabilities above, other responsibilities, tasks, and deliverables may be assigned to the incumbent of this position.
+ The ability to communicate in written and oral formats with diplomacy and tact.
+ An aptitude for exercising independent thinking and reasoning.
+ Demonstrated success in teaching others health and safety concepts and requirements.
+ Skilled in leading others without formal reporting authority.
+ Proven knowledge of US Army Corps of Engineers EM 385 1-1.
+ Competent in using computers to complete weekly timesheets and prepare and submit expense reports.
+ Competent in Microsoft Office to include Word, Excel, as well as competency in using a mobile phone (calls, text).
Minimum Education And Experience
Bachelors Degree and 2 years work experience or equivalent experience
Required Skills And Education
Education, Experience and Required Skills
+ Bachelors Degree and 5 years continuous construction industry safety or 5 years continuous general industry safety experience.
+ Completion of OSHA 30-hour safety class.
+ A minimum of 8 hours of documented formal, on-line or self-study safety and health related coursework every year after the completion of OSHA-30 safety certification.
+ The SSHO shall have extensive knowledge in the Army Corps of Engineers EM-385-1-1
+ The SSHOs shall maintain competency through having taken 8 hours of documentedformal, on-line, or self-study safety and health related coursework every year. Examplesof continuing education activities that meet this requirement are: writing an article, teachinga class, reading/writing professional articles, attendance/participation in professionalsocieties/meetings, etc.
+ The SSHO will have an average of at least 24 hours of formal safety training for the past 4 years with training for competent person status for at least the following areas of competency: Excavation; Fall Protection; Confined Space; Health hazard recognition, evaluation and control of chemical, physical and biological agents; Personal Protective Equipment and clothing to include selection, use and maintenance.
About BAE Systems Intelligence & Security
BAE Systems Intelligence & Security, based in McLean, Virginia, designs and delivers advanced defense, intelligence, and security solutions that support the important missions of our customers. Our pride and dedication shows in everything we do-from intelligence analysis, cyber operations and IT expertise to systems development, systems integration, and operations and maintenance services. Knowing that our work enables the U.S. military and government to recognize, manage and defeat threats inspires us to push ourselves and our technologies to new levels. Thats BAE Systems. Thats Inspired Work.Equal Opportunity Employer/Females/Minorities/Veterans/Disabled/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity/Gender Expression. To see Inspired Work in action, visit www.baesystems.com and follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/baesystemsintel.
Level 3 Site Safety and Health Officer
•Summerville, South Carolina
EEO Career Site Equal Opportunity Employer. Minorities . females . veterans . individuals with disabilities . sexual orientation . gender identity . gender expression
Level 3 Site Safety and Health Officer job at BAE Systems
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Level 3 Site Safety and Health Officer job at BAE Systems

Level 3 Site Safety and Health Officer job at BAE Systems

Level 3 Site Safety and Health Officer job at BAE Systems

Level 3 Site Safety and Health Officer job at BAE Systems

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