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Apply for Director of Business Development BCD ME job at BCD Travel today Director of Business Development BCD ME job at BCD Travel
location on map is approximate

Director of Business Development BCD M&E

BCD Travel
South San Francisco, CA
United States

Hourly: USD

Do you want to work with bright talented individuals who take pride in their work and also know how to have fun?! Youve come to the right place. BCD Meetings & Events is one of the leading global providers of meetings group incentive travel and creative services for some of the worlds biggest brands. Our unique difference is that we bring together resources at a local level centralize processes on a regional level and leverage our global presence to deliver the value and results our clients set out to achieve. We work collaboratively creatively and passionately -- and look to hire experts who do the same. We are headquartered in Chicago with locations in 50+ countries across the Americas Europe Middle East Africa and Asia Pacific -- a combined global work force of more than 1100 resources and annual sales volume of approximately $992 million. We are an independently managed operating company of BCD Holdings N.V. and a sister organization of BCD Travel the worlds third-largest travel management company. We are proud of that. We are also one of the best places to work because of our fundamental commitment to our employees. To find out more about our company visit us at http://www.bcdme.com/. The Director of Business Development for BCD M&E is responsible for developing and implementing an individual sales plan to target qualified prospects and ensure high closure for new Strategic Meetings Management accounts. This individual will create and pursue new opportunities generate customer centric solutions and manage executive level interaction to differentiate BCD Meetings & Events in the SMMP space Job Specific Responsibilities: Prospect build and manage a pipeline of qualified sales opportunities to achieve sales target Build and manage a pipeline of qualified sales opportunities based on key targets Develop account specific value propositions based on our service offerings and overall operational capabilities which include and is not limited to Start-up SMMPs Alternative enterprise solutions including "pay as you go" model Global regional and national SMMPs Uncover customer program goals and adapt/create customized solutions Lead cross-functional BCDME team which includes leadership events services sales support finance and organizational SMEs to support new sales opportunities Consult on pricing to ensure acceptable profit guidelines based on the needs of the client and BCDME service offerings Overcome objections by selling value Strategic Sales Management: Lead the development of customer centric proposals and presentations identify & engage key decision makers stakeholders and SMEs to ensure high closure Uncover new and potentially non-traditional buyers for target accounts Develop a network of coaches within the account and industry to earn incremental business Facilitate executive level business to business interaction to elevate the business relationship Sales Activity: Proactively engage with new and existing customers to identify new business opportunities and relevant timelines Oversee the development of proposals presentations contracts and account marketing- collateral Finalize pricing and service configuration functions with the appropriate operational Vice President Financial Analyst and BCD M&E management personnel. Lead contract negotiations and renegotiations for new and current clients Manage sales activity via CRM Ensure timely entry of all new prospects & active opportunities into CRM tool to ensure proactive engagement of SMEs to support opportunity requirements. Additionally update all wins lost bid/ no bid opportunities w/ reason coding. Facilitate transition of new sales into account management and operations during implementation Liaise with account management team to ensure operational excellence Participate in appropriate industry events to strategically network and grow pipeline Assume and perform other duties and responsibilities not specifically outlines herein but which are logically and properly inherent to the position.

B.A required Five years proactive sales experience Meetings industry sales experience required Entrepreneurial spirit and individual thinker while appreciating the value of a team based sales approach Strong business acumen Calculated risk taker West Coast preferred LI-MM1 Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled

Director of Business Development BCD ME job at BCD Travel
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Director of Business Development BCD ME job at BCD Travel

Director of Business Development BCD ME job at BCD Travel

Director of Business Development BCD ME job at BCD Travel

Director of Business Development BCD ME job at BCD Travel

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