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Apply for Team Lead Web Team job at BE Aerospace today Team Lead Web Team job at BE Aerospace
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Team Lead Web Team

BE Aerospace
United Kingdom

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Rockwell Collins IMS has revolutionized the way airports, airlines, and travel operators move passengers and baggage to their destinations. We offer unparalleled expertise in shared systems and networking-integrating the entire airport enterprise for check-in and boarding, baggage handling, passenger self-service check-in, and other important functions. As the benchmark for common-use passenger technologies, we help airports reduce costs, improve service, and strengthen security.
A software engineer is responsible for completing development work assigned to them by the Manager according to the time scales agreed during the planning stage. They may assist in the planning stage proposing methods and technologies to use when completing the work as well as potential designs and implementation strategies. They will often produce estimated completing times and assists with identifying potential delays in the completion of the work. They will communicate with various other departments and teams within the department to coordinate work and provide feedback in relation to the progress of outstanding work.
- Completing development work assigned to them by the Manager as per time scales agreed during the planning stage.
- Monitoring the progress of their teams work and alerting the Manager if the work has got behind schedule or if there is high chance of a future delay.
- Providing the manager with updates on the progress of their teams work and any further information that may be required by the Manager.
- Keep the departmental work management system up to date with all relevant information requested by the Manager.
- Producing a test plan for their completed work and conducting sufficient tests to ensure it performs as expected.
- Ensuring other team members have any relevant information that might be needed to complete the team members own work.
- Attending bi-yearly reviews with the Manager to be used as supporting evidence for individual reviews carried out by the Company.
- Have a good working knowledge of all applications and services within the application suite and a detailed working knowledge of the structure of the main applications and services.
- Helping identify areas of the code base that would significantly benefit from further development work and defining potential actions.
- Assist in the research and development of new technologies and the application of those technologies into our existing products.
- Monitoring reports provided by the Service and Support department regarding the performance of the deployed applications and assisting in planning of related improvements.

Required Experience
Essential Skills
- Excellent knowledge of C#
- Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills
- Excellent knowledge of web technologies, including ASP.NET, CSS, JavaScript and AngularJS
- Good knowledge of WCF, SOAP, REST, XML and IIS
- Good knowledge of T-SQL
- Good knowledge of Software Development lifecycle
Desirable Skills
- Good knowledge of MVC and MVVM design pattern
- Knowledge of Telerik controls
- Knowledge of TypeScript and Knockout
- Design experience
- Experience producing process flow documentation and test plans

Required Experience and Experience
Previous experience in a similar role
- Creative problem solving
- Methodical and thorough
- Innovative
- Team work and communication
- Organisation
Team Lead Web Team job at BE Aerospace
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Team Lead Web Team job at BE Aerospace

Team Lead Web Team job at BE Aerospace

Team Lead Web Team job at BE Aerospace

Team Lead Web Team job at BE Aerospace

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