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Apply for Production Technician job at Ball Aerospace today Production Technician job at Ball Aerospace
location on map is approximate

Production Technician

Ball Aerospace
Rome, GA
United States

Hourly: USD

Who We Are:
Ball Corporation is a supplier of high quality metal packaging for beverage food and household products customers and of aerospace and other technologies and services primarily for the U.S. government. Our approximately 18700 knowledgeable motivated and customer-focused employees share Balls high regard for mutual respect integrity and ethical conduct.
Founded in 1880 Ball Corporation was originally known for the glass canning jars your grandmothers used to use. Today Ball makes packaging that enables delivery of safe nutritious food and beverages and convenient household products to consumers around the world. Ball Aerospace is known for its contributions in support of space and Earth science exploration national security and intelligence programs.
Balls largest business is the manufacture of recyclable beverage cans and ends. A lot of engineering and technology goes into making beverage packaging at speeds of more than 2000 cans a minute. We operate beverage can facilities in the Americas Europe and Asia - about one in every four beverage cans in the world is made by Ball - and our products are used by the most recognizable beverage brands in the world.
Ball is a Lean/SixSigma environment – exposure to these tools and methods is preferred.
Rome GA
Ball’s Rome GA metal beverage packaging facility is located in the northwestern region of GA near the borders of Alabama and Tennessee and a little over one-hour drive northwest of Atlanta. The Rome facility started up in 1993 by Anheuser-Busch Metal Container Corporation and was acquired by Ball Corporation in 2009. The plant operates three production lines manufacturing 12-oz. and 16-oz. aluminum beer soft drink and energy cans supplied to 27 customer locations. The plant is technologically advanced highly efficient safety and quality focused and a low-cost producer of between 11 to 12 million cans per day and over 4 billion cans annually. Making all of this happen are the 185 dedicated skilled and engaged employees who make up Ball’s Rome facility.
Job Duties:
Primary Purpose of Position:
Performs tasks and provides services to support the plant’s production goals overall business plans and objectives as directed.
Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
Complies with established job safety practices policies and procedures as specified in plant and corporate directives for the safe performance of the work assignment.
Supports and follows the guidelines of the food safety system.
Performs duties as required to ensure compliance with the plant’s quality standards.
Performs various manual or mechanical production functions by operating adjusting and repairing production equipment to meet customer specifications.
Disassembles overhauls and rebuilds production equipment under the supervision of a qualified maintainer.
Performs troubleshooting on production equipment as required.
Performs preventative maintenance on production equipment as required.
Inputs data on a computer terminal to identify label and palletize finished products.
Conducts inspection of in-process or finished product.
Assists in making major adjustments or mechanical repairs to production equipment.
Responsible for replenishing supplies required for assigned area.
Performs record keeping duties as required under the direction of management.
Rotates through workstations as needed for coverage relief and training purposes as required in conjunction with on-the-job training.
May operate can line briquetter. Ensures briquetter is running properly. Removes all briquettes from the conveyor stacks briquettes on pallets according to scrap class and weighs and tags scrap pallets for shipment.
May operate end line baler and slug accumulator. Removes all bales and loads them onto trailer. Removes/replaces accumulation boxes for slugs and weighs and tags accumulation boxes for shipment.
May restack and load empty coil pallets for return to aluminum suppliers.
May prepare for shipment returnable drums totes and vendor return loads.
Performs clean-up painting and housekeeping duties.
Initiates reviews and follows all standard operating procedures (SOPs) for area of responsibility.
Required to perform all production technician duties. May be required to rotate among specific production technician assignments within the department as needed. Relieves production technicians for breaks.
Supplies and maintains required hand tools.
May be required to go to customer(s) to troubleshoot equipment and/or finished cans.
Communicates pertinent information to next shift.
Establishes and maintains effective work relationships within the department the division the group and the company. Includes ability to handle stress and to interact with others so as to establish and maintain a positive and productive work environment and minimize personal conflicts.
Required to work assigned schedule or 12-hour shifts rotating days and nights Monday through Sunday working hours may vary as specified by management. Incumbent must be able to work overtime on a regular basis and/or be on call as directed by management.
Regular and predictable attendance is required between the assigned start and end times of work.
Performs duties without posing a direct threat to anyone or to property. Direct threat is defined as a signifi¬cant risk of substantial harm that cannot be eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level by reasonable accommodation.
Assures and maintains safe and healthful working conditions while enforcing safety rules and regulations.
Works under general supervision.
Communication. Ability to communicate effectively write effectively read comprehend and follow complicated verbal and written instructions.
Ability to meet the knowledge skills abilities physical requirements and working conditions set forth in this position description and on the attached Physical Demands Assessment.
Communicates with the emergency coordinator (EC) or Environmental Focal Point/Environmental Manager (EFP/EM) regarding environmental management activities.
Understands and responds effectively to EC directions during emergencies by being familiar with emergency procedures equipment and systems as necessary. Implements contingency plan to the level required by position.
Understands completes and maintains environmental documentation for which the individual is trained or as directed by the EC EFP or EM (i.e. inspections labeling record keeping maintenance of equipment etc.). Reports to the EC EFP or EM on the status of assigned responsibilities.
Recognizes waste streams and minimizes waste generation through prudent use of materials proper disposal and segregation as directed during training or by the EC EFP/EM. Understands and practices proper accumulation and storage requirements for wastes.
Complies with environmental regulations when using dispensing or handling hazardous and non-hazardous materials and wastes.
Position Requirements:
Broad training in a related field usually acquired through high school education or equivalent.
Mechanical job related experience for 1 year minimum.
Troubleshooting skills/experience.
Experience working in an industrial environment.
Working knowledge of the following areas:
Machine mechanics
Troubleshooting skills
Ability to apply standard evaluation selection and substantial adaptation and modification of standard manufacturing and plant quality techniques procedures and criteria.
Ability to learn operating principles and nomenclature of all assigned equipment and products.
Ability to learn nomenclature of all assigned equipment products and quality standards.
Ability to learn to identify product defects.
Ability to use hand and power tools.
Ability to read write and comprehend written material.
Ability to operate fork truck and aero lift if required.
May require forklift license.
Possesses an interest in and an aptitude for mechanics.
Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations.
Must have strong interpersonal skills.
Must be able to organize plan and prioritize.
Ability to meet deadlines and to concentrate and pay attention to details.
Must have sufficient endurance to perform tasks over long periods of time.
Ability to operate and functionally use a computer.
Must be able to handle sensitive related and proprietary information in a confidential manner.
Performs such individual assignments as management may direct.
Must follow company policies procedures practices and standards of conduct as outlined in the Ball Corporation manuals.
Maintains an awareness of and complies with hazardous waste management and other environmental management requirements in the workplace by attending scheduled training sessions.
Must maintain professional competence ethical integrity knowledge and skills.
Relocation for this position is NOT Available.
EEO Statement:
Equal Opportunity Employer
Minority Female Disabled Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Transgender and Veterans.
Job Title: Production Technician
Job ID: 661942
Location: GA - Rome
Full/Part Time: Full-Time
Regular/Temporary: RegularAvjobs.com
Production Technician job at Ball Aerospace
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Production Technician job at Ball Aerospace

Production Technician job at Ball Aerospace

Production Technician job at Ball Aerospace

Production Technician job at Ball Aerospace

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