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Apply for Data Entry Product Surveillance job at Belcan today Data Entry Product Surveillance job at Belcan
location on map is approximate

Data Entry Product Surveillance

Berkeley, CA
United States

Hourly: USD

Data Entry - Product Surveillance
Job Number: 222010
Category: Administrative
QA Master Data- Responsible for Quality Master Data Change Control and Product Surveillance
Assist in processing customer complaints inclusive of product defects and adverse events for internal and external customers. Reviews returned product and assists in preparing complaint sample assessments. Responsible for maintaining investigations in complaint
- Transfer data from local complaint database to global system
- Assist in retention sample maintenance
- Categorize and process data
Belcan is a global supplier of engineering technical recruiting and IT services to customers in the aerospace industrial and government sectors. Belcan engineers better outcomes through adaptive and integrated services—from jet engines airframe and avionics to heavy vehicles chemical processing and cybersecurity. Belcan takes a partnering approach to provide customer-driven solutions that are flexible scalable and cost-effective. Our unique capabilities have led to continuous growth and success for nearly 60 years. We are a team-driven Equal Opportunity Employer committed to workforce diversity.
Education Requirement(s):
• High School Diploma
Skill and Competency Requirements: (list 3 to 5 non-negotiable items such as years of experience industry of preference specific knowledge items professional certifications skills abilities etc.)
Excellent skills in Word and Excel.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills Technical writing a plus.
Must be able to efficiently manage/prioritize multiple tasks and responsibilities.
Good Time Management skills and able to work independently
Also a plus: manager is looking for someone who can perform investigations and who can read/understand semi-technical documentation (medical/veterinary terms) and has very good written communication skills.
Location: Berkeley CA
Minimum Experience (yrs): 2
Required Education: High School Diploma
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Data Entry Product Surveillance job at Belcan
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Data Entry Product Surveillance job at Belcan

Data Entry Product Surveillance job at Belcan

Data Entry Product Surveillance job at Belcan

Data Entry Product Surveillance job at Belcan

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