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Apply for Bellperson job at Boyd Gaming today Bellperson job at Boyd Gaming
location on map is approximate


Boyd Gaming
Vinton, LA
United States

Hourly: USD

### Description:
Provide friendly and informative guest service while assisting with guest luggage and coordinating tour group luggage handling. Support the front desk staff with communication on concerns regarding customer issues.
Job Functions
Greet guests appropriately upon arrival to the front desk area.
Communicate with guests staff and Tour Escorts regarding operations.
Prepare room lists for arriving and departing groups.
Retrieve and operate bell cart.
Escort guests and carry or transport luggage to and from the rooms.
Resolve customer complaints or disputes as necessary.
Make airline show and tour reservations for guests.
Arrange for guest car rentals and delivery.
Maintain cleanliness and order in bell stand and luggage area.
Work with Security to report suspicious or dangerous/unclaimed luggage.
Other duties as assigned by management.
### Requirements:
Job Specifications
Must have a high school diploma or GED.
Previous Hotel/Casino experience as a bellman is preferred.
Able to stand and walk for extended periods of time approximately 90% of shift.
Present a professional and impeccable appearance with excellent communication skills. Fluent in English.
Able to navigate a bell cart with luggage and lift up to 75 pounds.
Must be able to execute tasks with a high degree of urgency or efficiency.
Auditory and visual range must include immediate environment.
Must maintain the highest grooming standards.
Must be able to obtain/maintain any necessary certifications and/or licenses as required by local gaming regulations.
Department: DD - Housekeeping
Category: Hotel / Guest Services
Position Code: DDPBELP00
Shif: Evenings
Status: Full TimeAvjobs.com

Bellperson job at Boyd Gaming
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Bellperson job at Boyd Gaming

Bellperson job at Boyd Gaming

Bellperson job at Boyd Gaming

Bellperson job at Boyd Gaming

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