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Apply for Deputy Manager Flight Operations job at CHC Helicopter today Deputy Manager Flight Operations job at CHC Helicopter
location on map is approximate

Deputy Manager Flight Operations

CHC Helicopter

Hourly: USD

Deputy Manager Flight Operations

Job Position Title:Deputy Manager Flight Operations

Job Type:Permanent

Location:Ireland, Ireland

Description: :CHC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, veteran status or disability.
At any given moment, on any given day, a CHC aircraft is in the air somewhere in the world. Whether were transporting the men and women who keep the worlds offshore oil and gas flowing, or taking an injured patient to safety, CHC sets the standard for safety, customer service, modern aircraft and efficiency. This is a billion-dollar business built on the foundation of a strong team spirit in our company and our greatest strength is our motivated and passionate employees. All you have to do is get on board.

CHC has an opportunity for a Deputy Manager Flight Operations working in a Dynamic and challenging environment. This role will be based in Dublin, Ireland.

Primary Accountability. Responsible for the assisting the MFO CHC Ireland in the Strategic delivery and management of Flight Operations in Ireland and accountability as deputy nominated person Flight Operations. This role acts as the CHC Ireland Standards pilot. Reports daily to the MFO CHC Ireland and regular to CHC Ireland AOC Accountable Manager and the Base Manager CHC Ireland.

+ Assumes legal accountability as the assigned deputy post holder to assure the safe conduct of all flight operations executed under the AOC in accordance with the Operations Manuals and the Ops specifications of the AOC. Will be required to represent company to the regulator, government bodies and customers as required.
+ Responsible for the overall leadership of all Managerial direct reports and is a visible and passionate leader who provides clarity and focus for his/her team
+ Accountable to the MFO CHC Ireland for the implementation and compliance assurance of the CHC corporate harmonized flight operations standards, procedures and FDM handling within CHC Ireland.
+ Develops highly effective and productive relationships with key stakeholders whether they are internal (at a global, regional and in country level and particularly with the regional management team) and externally (regulators, employee groups and trade unions)
+ Leads by example and drives results through a disciplined and focussed approach. Will support all aspects of talent management within his team, this includes the absence management and all efforts to reduce the sickness rate within the department.
+ Continuous focus on the 4 CHC values: simplicity, innovation, collaboration and agility.
+ Ensure that customer flights ops requirements within EMEA are executed in a safe and efficient manner by engaging with the local teams.
+ Engage with IR Regulator and ensures CHC compliance with all appropriate rules and regulations including EASA OPS across regional responsibility.
+ Champion of cohesive change and a visible leader of all global and regional initiatives in relation to Safety, business KPI’s, people, finance and a relentless advocate of integrity at all levels
+ A visible safety champion who will challenge unsafe acts and pursue improvements in safety culture and behaviour
+ Responsible for assisting the MFO CHC Ireland for the implementation of the CHC Safety
+ Management System as it relates to Flight Operations.
+ Active participant in AOC Occurrence Review Boards, FDM program and all audits.
+ Active ambassador for implementing continuous improvement programs on flight operations & training based on feedback and input from FDM, LOSA and audits.
+ Active participator in the Occurrence Review Boards in resolving operational issues.
+ Active contributor to the business planning and budgeting processes, educating the direct report teams on the desired results and periodically assess the performance versus actual, identify any deviations and measures to address this effectively, all this to be done in close liaison with the regional assigned MFO and the SAR Ireland Base Manager.
+ Candidate is expected to fulfill an average of 40 SAR duties as SAR Co-Pilot or SAR Commander per annum distributed across the 4 bases subject to work load and other commitments.
+ Plus may perform other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience
+ Previous command experience as a SAR pilot
+ Previous NVIS and EMS experience (preferred)
+ Credible leader capacities, preferable with experience and results at middle and senior management level
+ Excellent interpersonal skills with the confidence to influence all internal stakeholders and external bodies recognising cultural, legal and regional diversity
+ Strong communication, planning and organisational skills, good delegation skills while keeping accountability.
+ Comprehensive understanding of key business drivers from both an operational and commercial perspective
+ Applicant shall meet or capable of meeting within 3 months after assignment the requirements as set out in EASA ORO.AOC.135(a) and appropriate AMC and GMs
+ Practical experience and expertise ISMS and in the application of aviation safety standards

and safe operating practices;
+ Comprehensive knowledge of:

i. the applicable EU safety regulations and any associated requirements and procedures;

ii. the AOC holders operations specifications; and

iii. Commercial SAR procedures and current industry best practices; and

iv. the need for, and content of, the relevant parts of the AOC holders operations manual;
+ Relevant work experience of which at least 2 years should be from the commercial aeronautical industry in an appropriate position.

Working Conditions
+ Based in Ireland at Dublin Base
+ Very regular domestic travel within Ireland
+ International travel may be required.

As a part of CHCs commitment to career development, all employees are welcome to apply to any job that interests them. Employees are expected to be performing to expectations in their current role for a period of at least 1 year. Please ensure that your direct line manager, has approved your application to be considered for this role.

Closing Date: 22 September 17 @ 17:00 hrs

Please apply ONLINE at www.chcheli.com
Deputy Manager Flight Operations job at CHC Helicopter
Apply for this Deputy Manager Flight Operations position today


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Deputy Manager Flight Operations job at CHC Helicopter

Deputy Manager Flight Operations job at CHC Helicopter

Deputy Manager Flight Operations job at CHC Helicopter

Deputy Manager Flight Operations job at CHC Helicopter

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