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Apply for Software Test Engineer 16185 job at Camber today Software Test Engineer 16185 job at Camber
location on map is approximate

Software Test Engineer 16185

Edgewood, MD
United States

Hourly: USD

# Description
Software Test Engineer at Edgewood MD
Huntington Ingalls Industries (Camber Corporation) provides mission-critical engineering and technical service to Information Technology Federal Civilian and National Security Aerospace and Defense and International government and commercial customers at over 100 locations worldwide.
HII-Camber is currently seeking a Software Test Engineer Level IV onsite to work out of a Government Office on Edgewood MD.
The following statements of duties and responsibilities are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by individuals assigned to this position. These statements are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities required of all personnel within this position. Actual duties and responsibilities may vary depending upon assignments and other factors.
Duties and Responsibilities:
+ Lead all IT and cybersecurity efforts to include leading Working-level IPT (WIPT) meetings relative to IT and cybersecurity.In addition the contractor shall manage all action items and products that result from the WIPT.
+ Write IT-relevant performance specification requirements (i.e. open architecture design specification requirements net-ready specification requirements and interface requirements) that describe program connections to external systems (e.g. radios cabling etc.).
+ Develop and maintain the software cybersecurity and interoperability portions of the program’s integrated master schedule that has been drafted by the program office including all established program milestones reviews submittals deliveries and other significant events and activities necessary to relate planning to performance and cost objectives for the program.The IMS inputs shall identify the critical path(s) necessary for program/project success and provide direct linkages as appropriate to the other functional areas (e.g. test systems engineering etc.).The contractor shall update the schedule when required to ensure it completely and accurately reflects program status.In addition the contractor shall analyze the schedule to detect actual or potential problem areas which impact scheduled program activities and events and provide risk management recommendations for solutions.
+ Ensure traceability consistency and alignment of IT and cybersecurity items between Request for Proposal (RFP) packages Test and Evaluation Master Plans (TEMPs) and Systems Engineering Plans (SEPs).
+ Provide IT-related inputs to program Performance Work Statements (PWSs) in order to describe reasonable requirements for program software and cybersecurity development.
+ Develop test plans as part of the program TEMP for any unique software interoperability and/or cybersecurity testing required.
+ Directly facilitate the conduct of program technical review assessments; specifically anything that is unique to software (e.g. software baselines etc.).
+ Directly facilitate development and execution trade-off analyses to support optimization of system capabilities.
+ Deliver schedule- and risk-related concerns at the different stages of design and fielding.
+ Ensure that upon development contract award the Prime(s) are using the best software and cybersecurity practices adequately executing the software program and progressing appropriately with respect to both systems engineering and test and evaluation activities.
+ Develop and review the delivery requirements for all draft software- cybersecurity- and interoperability-related Contract Data Requirements List (CDRLs) providing input to the Assistant Program Manager and functional leads regarding the timing of these deliveries from the development contractor(s).
+ Deliver briefings on program software cybersecurity and interoperability to the Assistant Program manager and systems engineering test and evaluation and logistics managers.
+ Support the Assistant Program Manager and Leads for test and evaluation and systems engineering in all meetings.The contractor shall directly facilitate the preparation of meeting (e.g. announcements and agendas etc.); attend and participate in the meetings; develop meeting minutes which reflect the purpose content decisions and tasks resulting from the meetings; and track after-action correspondence.In addition the contractor shall provide presentation materials and publications (i.e. PowerPoint video and CD-ROM presentations; charts; and other visual aids) for use during briefings and technical/programmatic exhibits and displays.
Qualifications and Experience:
+ Education: The applicant shall posses a Masters degree in Computer Science Engineering or a related discipline as well as ten (10) years of general experience and six (6) years of relevant experience.Alternate/Tradeoff Education:The applicant may possess a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering or a related discipline as well as twelve (12) years of general experience and eight (8) years of relevant experience.
+ The applicant shall possess software engineering experience.
Candidate must possess and be able to maintain a government security clearance at the Secret level.
The selected applicants will be subject to a security investigation and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information.
All candidates will be subject to a pre-employment background investigation and drug screening per HII requirements.
About Us
Camber Corporation is part of the Integrated Mission Solutions Group of HII’s Technical Solutions division. Integrated Mission Solutions Group is a leading provider of Agile Software Engineering and Information Technology solutions; All Hazards services; Modeling Simulation and Training solutions and services; Unmanned Systems support; Intelligence Analysis and Operations; and Engineering and Management services to Department of Defense Federal and commercial customers.
Integrated Mission Solutions Group (Camber) a subsidiary of Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc. (HII) is headquartered in Huntsville AL. From Camber’s founding in 1990 we have grown to 32 offices positioned to provide responsive support to our customers across the United States. We deploy personnel to support our customers globally including many locations in Asia Africa and Europe providing daily interface on technical programmatic and operations issues. Overall more than 1600 Camber professionals deliver ISO 9001:2008-certified and CMMI ML3 high-value solutions to customers worldwide.
Camber Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer EOE/AA Minorities/Females/Veterans/DisabledAvjobs.com
Software Test Engineer 16185 job at Camber
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Software Test Engineer 16185 job at Camber

Software Test Engineer 16185 job at Camber

Software Test Engineer 16185 job at Camber

Software Test Engineer 16185 job at Camber

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