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Apply for Usdiesel Engine Mechanic job at Canadian National Railway Company today Usdiesel Engine Mechanic job at Canadian National Railway Company
location on map is approximate

Us_diesel Engine Mechanic

Canadian National Railway Company
Ranier, MN
United States

Hourly: USD

Diesel Engine Mechanics (Machinists) perform inspections major and minor repairs overhauls and servicing on all types of locomotives. To learn more about the job click here to view the video.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Critical performance areas include the following but may vary depending on the location and circumstances:
Inspect service and maintain locomotives in accordance with federal and company regulations including changing oil or repairing replacing cleaning and adjusting parts.
Troubleshoot and diagnose diesel engine malfunctions and make required repairs.
Assemble and start engines.
Use electric and oxy-acetylene welding equipment lubrication equipment and other vehicle repair tools and equipment and operate said tools and machinery in a safe and efficient manner.
Prepare inspection maintenance and work reports and record details on prescribed forms in accordance with established procedures.
Operate locomotive on shop tracks.
Test locomotives on shop track after repair.
Working Conditions:
Work shift work which consists of: Irregular hours including nights weekends holidays and occasional overtime.
Work in a shop environment and outside in all weather conditions
Occasionally work in confined spaces and at elevated heights
Frequent stooping lifting kneeling bending crouching and climbing.
Minimal travel required
Minimum Requirements:
Valid drivers license.
High School diploma or equivalent GED
Must be 18 years of age
Must meet all medical fitness for duty requirements for the position
Using measuring devices and understanding visual displays.
Basic technical knowledge of diesel mechanics.
Frequent lifting/carrying up to 50 lbs and occasionally up to 70 lbs
Displays good hand-eye coordination
Valid CDL for the class and type of equipment operated.
Ability to certify company equipment in accordance with state standards.
Experience troubleshooting hydraulic and electronic systems.
Welding skills.
Basic computer skills.
The ideal candidate profile:
Diesel mechanic experience and/or Diesel mechanic diploma
Ability to work autonomously adapt to different situations and manage stress.
Demonstrate good teamwork skills and maintain positive interactions with others.
Displays good verbal reading comprehension and writing skills.
Dedicated to getting the job done while meeting established standards of quality safety and client satisfaction.
Newly hired Diesel Engine Mechanics (Machinists) take part in several weeks of training which includes classroom instructions and field training. The classroom training will take place in Homewood IL at the CN Campus. The training guides the new Diesel Engine Mechanic (Machinist) through the critical safety skills required to work on the railroad. Once the classroom training is complete the Diesel Engine Mechanic (Machinist) will complete on-the job training to enhance his/her knowledge and skills. Successful completion of the training course is mandatory in order to work as a Diesel Engine Mechanic (Machinist).
Diesel Engine Mechanics (Machinists) is a unionized position and is part of the IAMAW (International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers). Wages initiation fees and monthly dues are required as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement.
State/Province: MN
City: Ranier
Country: United States
Auto req ID: 8671BRAvjobs.com
Usdiesel Engine Mechanic job at Canadian National Railway Company
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Usdiesel Engine Mechanic job at Canadian National Railway Company

Usdiesel Engine Mechanic job at Canadian National Railway Company

Usdiesel Engine Mechanic job at Canadian National Railway Company

Usdiesel Engine Mechanic job at Canadian National Railway Company

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