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Apply for PC12BE90 Captains job at Classic Air Medical today PC12BE90 Captains job at Classic Air Medical
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PC12BE90 Captains

Classic Air Medical
Riverton, WY
United States

Month: USD
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Classic Aviation is currently seeking qualified candidates for a full-time PC-12/BE-90 Captains for Air Ambulance operations based in Riverton, WY and Craig, CO.

Successfully candidates must be able to operate the aircraft safely, in all weather conditions, in accordance with applicable regulations, company policies and procedures with minimal supervision. Candidates must be able to communicate effectively with the Chief Pilot, Director of Operations, and the Flight Coordination department. This position requires the applicant to possess excellent professional flying skills with emphasis on strong single-pilot IFR capacity, the ability to handle periods high workloads, and the ability to work closely with medical personnel throughout all phases of the mission.

This position offers a two week on, two week off schedule with company provided crew housing while on shift. Competitive compensation, with group health, dental, and vision benefits available.

Minimum Requirements

  • 2500 Total Time

  • 1000 Total PIC

  • 500 Total Turbine PIC

  • 500 Multi Engine

  • 200 Night

  • 300 Instrument

  • FAA ATP Pilot Certificate

  • The ability to obtain a First-Class Medical annually

  • Valid Passport

  • The ability to legally work in the United States

  • The ability to pass a criminal background check

  • No FAA violations or accidents

Preferred Requirements

  • Previous Fixed-Wing Air Ambulance Experience

  • Previous PC-12 Experience

  • Previous Kingair 90/200 Experience

PC12BE90 Captains job at Classic Air Medical
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PC12BE90 Captains job at Classic Air Medical

PC12BE90 Captains job at Classic Air Medical

PC12BE90 Captains job at Classic Air Medical

PC12BE90 Captains job at Classic Air Medical

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