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Apply for Manufacturing Supervisor job at Coherent today Manufacturing Supervisor job at Coherent
location on map is approximate

Manufacturing Supervisor

Richmond, CA
United States

Hourly: USD

Manufacturing Supervisor
Job ID #:7873Location:CA - Richmond
Functional Area:ManufacturingEducation Required:Associates Degree
Position Type:Full Time - RegularRelocation Provided:No
Experience Required:5 - 7 YearsTier
Job Description and Responsibilities
Coherent Inc. is hiring a Manufacturing Supervisor to work in our Integrated Optical Systems business unit located in Richmond CA. This site manufactures ultra-precision custom optical components and sub-assemblies for use in aerospace scientific and commercial applications. The Manufacturing Supervisor will manage production operations. Directs the development and implementation of activities in production area(s) to meet production goals quality and cost objectives.
• Coordinates manufacturing activities to ensure assigned production departments meet schedule and quality requirements for each product.
• Directs labor resources and schedules work hours assignments overtime and vacation to assigned employees.
• Monitors and reports weekly production metrics on productivity and quality. Identifies continuous improvement opportunities to ensure performance targets are consistently met.
• Interfaces with planning and quality management when defects or non-conforming products are found. Determines best methods to handle deviations from standardized processes.
• Responsible for maintaining a clean and safe work environment by providing safety training for employees identifying safety hazards in the workplace and recommending and implementing corrective actions when necessary.
• Trains coaches and develops goals for direct reports. Provides timely feedback to employees on job performance and expectations.
• Maintains professional and technical knowledge and contributes to team effort by accomplishing production targets.
Education and Work Experience
• Minimum 5 years of supervisory experience in a manufacturing environment required.
• Experience working in a self-motivated fast paced environment.
• Demonstrated strong leadership communication and organizational skills.
• Previous experience with continuous improvement methods and lean manufacturing.
• Able to recognize and resolve problems quickly using sound judgment and diplomacy.
• Experience in an optics related field is preferred but not required.
• The ideal candidate will hold an AA or Bachelor’s degree.
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race color sex age national origin religion sexual orientation gender identity status as a veteran and basis of disability or any other federal state or local protected class.Avjobs.com
Manufacturing Supervisor job at Coherent
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Manufacturing Supervisor job at Coherent

Manufacturing Supervisor job at Coherent

Manufacturing Supervisor job at Coherent

Manufacturing Supervisor job at Coherent

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