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Apply for Aircraft Mechanic I job at DynCorp International today Aircraft Mechanic I job at DynCorp International
location on map is approximate

Aircraft Mechanic I

DynCorp International
Miramar Naval Air Sta, CA
United States

Hourly: USD

Principle Accountabilities
Inspects evaluates and repairs aircraft flight surfaces structure fuel tanks survival equipment and wheel and tire assemblies for assigned and transient aircraft and support equipment.
Operates all associated ground support equipment and uses hand tools special tools fixtures and adhesives applicable to return aircraft to operational condition.
Evaluates designs and manufactures logistics improvement projects for Special Air Mission Aircraft.
Researches technical data and manufactures structural components cables and maintenance and repair of assigned aircraft and associated equipment.
Uses maintenance drawings and blueprints to accomplish repairs on assigned equipment.
Perform aircraft and equipment corrosion inspections.
Remove and treat corrosion and apply protective coatings on aircraft and support equipment.
Inspect repair overhaul and modify fuel systems equipment and fuel cells.
Inspect repair and repack emergency life rafts life preservers and escape slides.
Perform shop and flightline maintenance ensuring aircraft structural integrity.
Coordinates maintenance efforts with the Maintenance Aircraft Coordination Center and Production Supervisors.
Documents discrepancies in applicable forms.
Uses Core Automated Maintenance System (CAMS) computers.
Ensures compliance with applicable safety housekeeping tool control and FOD prevention programs.
Must be able to work day shift swing shift night shift and/or weekend shift as required.
Receives cross-utilization training to perform maintenance tasks associated with welding and machining.
Shall perform other duties as may be assigned to include TDY and travel.
Knowledge and Skills
Must have a working knowledge of aircraft repair procedures for surfaces structure fuel cell or wheel and tire assemblies.
A working knowledge of corrosion control techniques and base federal and Company procedures for handling and disposal of hazardous waste materials is required.
Experience and Education
Must be able to read write speak and understand English.
The ability to read and interpret data is required.
Completion of specialized courses in aircraft structural repair is required.
An FAA Airframe Certificate and or Repairman’s Certificate may be required.
Must be able to obtain and maintain a Secret security clearance and Government flightline driver’s license.
Physical Requirements/Working Environment
Occasional lifting of objects weighing up to 50 pounds is required.
Job: Aviation / Support
Title: Aircraft Mechanic I
Requisition ID: 1704893Avjobs.com

Aircraft Mechanic I job at DynCorp International
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Aircraft Mechanic I job at DynCorp International

Aircraft Mechanic I job at DynCorp International

Aircraft Mechanic I job at DynCorp International

Aircraft Mechanic I job at DynCorp International

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