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Fairbanks, Alaska
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Job Summary:
Maintenance Control maintains constant awareness of aircraft operational requirements and essential maintenance required for the continued airworthiness of aircraft. Maintenance Control will know the airworthiness condition of all aircraft at all times and will monitor all current maintenance activities. Maintenance Control is the primary interface between Maintenance, Operations, and Flight Following to provide updates on aircraft status and coordinate aircraft availability based on maintenance schedules and demands.

Essential Functions:
1. Responsible for all aircraft maintenance work performed.
2. Responsible to ensure that the quality and quantity of work performed by company mechanics and on-call maintenance providers is consistent with company policies and procedures.
3. Serves as the primary interface for communications between Maintenance, Operations, and Flight
Following in regards to aircraft status and availability.
4. Monitor mechanics work to ensure duty time limitation are not exceeded. (14 CFR 121.377)
5. Manage recovery efforts for abnormal/unscheduled maintenance operations.
6. Complete all required training, initial and recurrent, for duties as a Maintenance Controller
7. Ensure all forms required for maintenance tasks performed are complete and properly distributed.
8. Order and track all replacement parts, Deferred Maintenance Items, and ensure on?hand quantities of critical/routine items in the fly?away kits do not go to zero?balance.
9. Review inventory reports and identify potential shortages.
10. Monitor and report to Chief Inspector all maintenance and flight crew reports for items that require Service Difficulty Reports. (14 CFR 121.703)
11. Evaluate the effectiveness of the Maintenance Program in all of its applications, routine and non?routine maintenance, and alert the Director of Maintenance and the Chief Inspector of program defects and deficiencies.
12. Perform other duties as assigned.

1. Requires an Airframe and Powerplant Certificate.
2. Requires associate’s degree in aviation maintenance, or equivalent level of training.
3. Requires an aviation maintenance background with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in aircraft troubleshooting; performing line maintenance; technical manuals, forms, and Airworthiness Directives; aircraft dispatch requirements; and aircraft systems training.
4. Requires excellent written and verbal communication skills.
5. Requires excellent interpersonal skills.
6. Requires competent computer skills.

Please reference Avjobs when applying for this position.

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Everts Air Cargo was formed in 1995 as a 121 Certificated Cargo Airline. Everts Air Cargo is headquartered in Fairbanks where it serves as the primary base for maintenance, administration and charter operations. Everts provides scheduled freight service to 12 major hubs in Alaska. Everts expanded operations to the Lower 48 and now has five MD-80 jets and flies throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

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