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Fairbanks, Alaska
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Job Summary:
Inspects company aircraft and components for safe and reliable flights.

Essential Functions:
1. Inspect aircraft and components. Perform scheduled inspection and document discrepancies. Perform RII inspection of tasks requiring special inspection. Inspect Engine Shop, Parts Department, Accessories Shop, and Avionics for compliance with manuals. Act as a liaison between maintenance department and Chief Inspector. Perform follow-up inspections on completed discrepancies.
2. Meet arriving and departing aircraft to discuss with the Flight personnel the maintenance required or accomplished on the aircraft.
3. Perform airworthiness release. Determine that the aircraft log entry was prepared per EAC manuals. Determine that the work was performed per company manuals. Determine that all RII items were inspected by an authorized person. Determine that no known condition exist that would make the aircraft unworthy for flight. Determine that, as far as work is performed, the aircraft is safe for operation and release.
4. Perform receiving inspections. Inspect part, component, or material for damage, conformance to standards, and applicability. Inspect documentation on part for legality and conformity to build specifications. Confirm TSO on applicable parts per company manuals and operational specifications. Release parts for service. Assign appropriate tags to items as needed (Serviceable or Blue inspect before use).
5. Update aircraft records. Review daily log sheets for completeness and entry of data into CALM and aircraft records. Review of scheduled inspections and aircraft records. Filing of inspections and aircraft records. Build-up of inspection package and review for completeness before issue to maintenance.
6. Perform airworthiness release. Monitor CALM daily for record accuracy.
7. Conduct vendor audits and inspections. Audit vendor facility for conformance to FAA standards. Train vendor employees on company manuals and procedures. Perform inspections of components being repaired by venders. Inspect manuals, operational specifications, equipment, and tooling for revision status and calibration.
8. Bridge inspection for new aircraft. Inspect records and prove AD compliance and AD status of aircraft. Prove inspection status of aircraft and write-up inspections to be performed. Verify components TSO and TBO status and verify documentations of parts. Perform inventory of aircraft and compile aircraft Master Inventory and Minimum Equipment List. Write bridging document and submit to FAA.
9. Perform CAS audits. Perform audit per tasking and instructions in the company’s General Maintenance Manual. Compile data and discrepancies and present to the Chief Inspector.
10.Ensure all tools requiring calibration are within current calibration/date. Track all tooling calibration dates. Coordinate with maintenance department to have tooling sent-out/removed from service when calibration is due. Ensure items in calibration lab are completed in a timely manner.

1. Requires an Airframe and Powerplant Certificate or other appropriate certificate.
2. Requires the ability to understand and retain information provided verbally and written.
3. Requires knowledge of machines and tools, including their designs, uses, benefits, repair, and maintenance.
4. Requires standing on hard surfaces, floors, ladders, and work stands for extended periods of time.
5. Exposed to all kinds of weather.

Please reference Avjobs when applying for this position.

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Everts Air Cargo was formed in 1995 as a 121 Certificated Cargo Airline. Everts Air Cargo is headquartered in Fairbanks where it serves as the primary base for maintenance, administration and charter operations. Everts provides scheduled freight service to 12 major hubs in Alaska. Everts expanded operations to the Lower 48 and now has five MD-80 jets and flies throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

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