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Apply for Line Service Technician job at Executive AirShare today Line Service Technician job at Executive AirShare
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Line Service Technician

Executive AirShare
Buffalo, NY
United States

Hourly: USD
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Job Purpose:

To perform aircraft ground operations and fueling procedures safely and reliably, provide outstanding customer service, clean aircraft and hangars to company standards and assist aircraft mechanic in performing aircraft servicing duties.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Executes aircraft towing procedures.
• Passes initial and recurrent training exams.
• Follows safe and alert towing capabilities.
• Ensures proper reporting procedures for accidents.

2. Conducts refueling procedures.
• Reviews pilot and maintenance dept. fuel order and ensures correct total.
• Completes paperwork for fuel tickets.
• Passes initial and recurrent line service training exams.
• Follows safety procedures established by departmental policies and federal regulations.
• Reports errors, malfunctions or fuel spills as required.
• Follows correct procedures in disposing of hazardous wastes.
• Performs daily, weekly and monthly inspections on fuel servicing equipment.

3. Cleans aircraft and hangar and assists in customer lounge cleaning.
• Completes basic cleaning to company standards.
• Assures overall cleanliness and aircraft stocking immediately following aircraft arrivals and prior to departures.
• Operates floor cleaning equipment in hangar and insures hangar and ramp area are always clean, orderly and free from FOD.
• Operates all equipment safely and properly.
• Removes CIP and performs lav service immediately after aircraft arrives.
• Insures passenger lounge is kept neat & orderly.

4. Performs customer service tasks.
• Meets and greets customers.
• Completes customer requests for various services.
• Communicates status of items to other office personnel.

5. Provides customer assistance.
• Marshalls departing & arriving aircraft safely.
• Assists boarding and deplaning of passengers.
• Promptly responds to customer requests, assists with baggage and vehicle movement and any customer requests.
• Treats customers courteously and professionally.

6. Performs other duties and assignments, as required.


Requires a high school education or GED and a valid driver’s license and good driving record. 3 to 5 years prior line service experience required. Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs.

Line Service Technician job at Executive AirShare
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Line Service Technician job at Executive AirShare

Line Service Technician job at Executive AirShare

Line Service Technician job at Executive AirShare

Line Service Technician job at Executive AirShare

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