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Apply for Beechjet 400 PIC job at Executive AirShare today Beechjet 400 PIC job at Executive AirShare
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Beechjet 400 PIC

Executive AirShare
Monterey, CA
United States

Hourly: USD
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We are seeking a skilled Beechjet 400 Pilot in Command to join our growing team of exceptional aviators, to provide safe and efficient air transportation to our customers, to represent our company in a professional manner and to deliver legendary customer service. Here are some of the highlights you can look forward to as a team member at Executive AirShare:
•Furnished iPhone and iPad Minis for business and personal use
•Team environment working with a remarkable group of people
•Job stability with over 200 customers and 15 years of steady growth adding new aircraft and new markets
•Competitive benefits including generous vacation package, opportunities to earn bonus pay, health, dental, AD&D, life insurance and 401(k)
•ATP/CTP course will be covered by Executive AirShare

Crewmember Requirements: Four year degree or equivalent experience; commercial multi-engine rating; minimum 4000 total flight hours, 500 turbine, and Beechjet experience preferred; FCC license; First Class Medical certificate. CFI certificate preferred. MUST BE ABLE TO LIVE IN MONTEREY.

Beechjet 400 PIC job at Executive AirShare
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Beechjet 400 PIC job at Executive AirShare

Beechjet 400 PIC job at Executive AirShare

Beechjet 400 PIC job at Executive AirShare

Beechjet 400 PIC job at Executive AirShare

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