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Apply for Aircraft Warbird Mechanic job at FIGHTER FACTORY today Aircraft Warbird Mechanic job at FIGHTER FACTORY
location on map is approximate

Aircraft Warbird Mechanic

Virginia Beach, VA
United States

Salary Annual: USD
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America’s largest historic flying aircraft museum (www.MilitaryAviationMuseum.org) is looking to add one additional FAA licensed aircraft mechanic to their team of restoration and maintenance personnel. This museum in the southern part of Virginia Beach is located on its own private airport (42VA) just a few short miles from the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. The thousands of visitors that come to the museum have repeatedly voted it the number one chosen tourist attraction for Virginia Beach on Trip Advisor (www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g58277-d1632663-Reviews-Military_Aviation_Museum-Virginia_Beach_Virginia.html#REVIEWS). Now you can join their staff and see what the excitement is all about regarding the restoration and maintenance of these remarkable aircraft from the first half of the last century.

The restoration arm of this internationally known museum operates under the name of the Fighter Factory (www.facebook.com/FighterFactory). The Fighter Factory is a secure and well-established company offering good wages including overtime, paid annual vacation and holidays, health insurance, and a 401 (k). They are seeking an experienced and well trained FAA aircraft mechanic with years of experience on working on smaller general aviation airplanes with an emphasis on older version piston aircraft.


  • MUST have an FAA licensed A&P certificate with five years of experience.
  • MUST live in Virginia Beach or Chesapeake but prefer in the southern part of Virginia Beach.
  • MUST be able to demonstrate their capability of aircraft troubleshooting and problem solving.
  • MUST have their own aircraft tools to use on this job.
  • Prefer someone that is well rounded in all aspects of General Aviation and not just sheet metal alone or only powerplant engines.
  • Prefer ability to read and comprehend tech manuals for problem solving.
  • Prefer someone that can work with a team of other aircraft mechanics.
  • Prefer capability of complex problem solving.
  • Prefer prior experience working on historic aircraft including warbirds, radial engines, propellers, wood and/or fabric is an added plus. Sheet metal experience is helpful.
  • Prefer someone talented that has rebuilt and restored mechanical engine vehicles such as airplanes, old cars, motorcycles, boats, etc.
  • Prefer an excellent problem solver that takes pride in workmanship and is able to work with a team on mechanical problem solving.


  • Work with a team to do annual inspections, repetitive maintenance, and evaluate mechanical problems and how to solve them.
  • Work under deadlines and able to achieve results when needed.
  • Occasional travel in former military airplanes to out of town air shows.
  • Do work that is safe and of a high quality.

If you meet the above requirements, and want an exciting career with varied duties and different airplanes to challenge your imagination, CALL ME IMMEDIATELY at (757) 235-6013 to be a part of saving and restoring the world’s aviation history. If you prefer to only just send a resume, send it to “Manager at FighterFactory.com’ but if you really want to get hired, then call me first to discuss your qualifications. Don’t stay in a dead end job or sit around waiting for the phone to ring! Call K. T. Kurtz today at (757) 235-6013 to take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:

  • FAA licensed and experienced mechanic: 5 years

Required license or certification:

  • FAA A&P

Aircraft Warbird Mechanic job at FIGHTER FACTORY
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Aircraft Warbird Mechanic job at FIGHTER FACTORY

Aircraft Warbird Mechanic job at FIGHTER FACTORY

Aircraft Warbird Mechanic job at FIGHTER FACTORY

Aircraft Warbird Mechanic job at FIGHTER FACTORY

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