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Apply for PIC GIV job at Fuga Inc today PIC GIV job at Fuga Inc
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Fuga Inc
Hawthorne, CA
United States

Salary Annual: USD
From: $120,000.00 To: $165,000.00
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Company Description

With bases in Phoenix, AZ, Los Angeles, CA, Rapid City, SD, Air FUGA has been offering worldwide jet charter to its high net worth clientele since 2007. We treat our employees like family and in return our employees provide our clients with the highest level professionalism, safety, and service.

Job Description

An Air FUGA pilot represents our Company with immaculate appearance, excellent decision making skills, unwavering moral code, and impeccable piloting skills and aeronautical knowledge.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Strick adherence to company policies and procedures
  • Direct and supervise crewmembers in the performance their duties
  • Lead by example
  • Ensure that the highest safety standards are always exercised
  • Conduct flight operations within the applicable FAR’s, ICAO rules and Company General Operations Manual
  • Cease any operation that is contrary to safety, regulatory compliance or Company SOP’s

Qualifications PIC

  • ATP and GIV Type rating
  • Minimum 800 total GIV type with 500 hours PIC in GIV type
  • Minimum 5000 hours Total Time
  • Minimum 2000 hours Turbojet
  • Minimum 3000 hours multiengine
  • FAA First Class Medical
  • Valid and Current Passport
  • Part 135.293, 135.297, 135.299 checks accomplished in GIV within the last 24 months

Additional Information

  • Must live in Los Angeles or maintain crew quarters during on-duty period

Must not have any personal or physical encumbrances that would impair your ability to fulfill your mission or schedule
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PIC GIV job at Fuga Inc
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PIC GIV job at Fuga Inc

PIC GIV job at Fuga Inc

PIC GIV job at Fuga Inc

PIC GIV job at Fuga Inc

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