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Apply for Systems Engineer job at Gentex today Systems Engineer job at Gentex
location on map is approximate

Systems Engineer

Manchester, NH
United States

Hourly: USD

Job Description


The person hired for the position of Systems Engineer will primary be responsible for Research and Development of electro-acoustic products in the hearing protection and audio telephony domain. The Systems Engineer is to provide strong, active, decisive and accurate technical leadership to the development team. Experience in acoustics and personnel protective equipment is highly desired. The Systems Engineer should be a highly motivated self-starter who needs minimal direction but works well with multi-disciplinary teams.


  • BS Degree in Engineering or Physics required
  • Graduate Degree in Systems, Electrical, or Acoustic Engineering preferred


Must Haves:

  • Technical breadth of electrical, mechanical, software, and signal processing
  • Experience designing products which include mixed analog/digital signals, DSP, FPGA, RF, low power, and EMC compliance
  • Strong mathematics background to develop and evaluate signal processing algorithms
  • A successful record of group and team interaction, excellent technical presentation skills, interpersonal abilities, and multi-tasking skills while maintaining objectivity


  • Understanding of acoustics, psychoacoustics, digital sign processing for audio/speech
  • Understanding of theoretical acoustics fundamentals and measurement/analysis techniques
  • Understanding of passive and active hearing protection devices


  • Demonstrated experience architecting and designing products
  • Deep electronics knowledge, ability to read schematics and troubleshoot analog and digital systems at the board and interface level
  • Experience in outward facing role working directly with end users and program office to understand voice of customer and shape requirements
  • Experience in leading multidisciplinary teams including Electrical, Mechanical and Software through the product life cycle
  • Expertise in analytical modeling tools such as MATLAB


  • Technically lead New Product Development team for Communications Division of Gentex.
  • Design, develop and evaluate complex systems, algorithms and system architectures.
  • Awareness of technology advances and influence on hardware and software platforms and architectures that will differentiate our products.
  • Develop system test plan and procedure to verify/validate features and functionality at the system level.
  • Provide technical leadership and project support to resolve issues, reduce program risk, and facilitate the delivery of quality products to our customers
  • Prepare and present technical briefings to peers, management and customer community.
  • Align key stakeholders on system requirements and technology constraints, and decompose and allocate system requirements.
  • Participate in and lead technical aspects of bids and proposals including conceptual design, technical proposal writing and cost estimating.
  • Schedule flexibility to support critical deadlines may be required.


  • Lead Technical Project Team
  • May lead Systems Engineering department
  • May lead Configuration Management department
  • May lead Software Engineering department


  • Position requires regular contact with Engineering, Operations, Supply Chain, and Quality Assurance
  • Position requires contact with Customers, vendors, education institutions and government agencies.

Position Type

Level of Education
4 Year Degree

Visit us for a current list of available positions and additional application instructions at www.gentexcorp.com and please reference Avjobs when applying.

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Systems Engineer job at Gentex
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Systems Engineer job at Gentex

Systems Engineer job at Gentex

Systems Engineer job at Gentex

Systems Engineer job at Gentex

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