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Apply for Machine Tool Operator C job at Hitchiner Manufacturing today Machine Tool Operator C job at Hitchiner Manufacturing
location on map is approximate

Machine Tool Operator C

Hitchiner Manufacturing
Milford, NH
United States

Hourly: USD


Company Description

Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Milford, New Hampshire (USA), Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc. is the premier supplier of complete-to-print, high-volume, complex thin-wall investment castings and fully-finished casting-based subassemblies and components to industry. The company leads the industry in volume production, reduced lead-times and just-in-time manufacturing. Hitchiner produces castings in hundreds of different alloys for a broad spectrum of global markets and customers that include the leaders in the automotive, aerospace, and other industries.

Job Description

We are looking for Machine Tool Operators! Come join our team today!

Primary Function: Machines, grinds, straightens and presses raw castings to customer specifications. Job knowledge dictates progression into higher labor grades.

Tools: Manual and automatic machines, various inspection and manufacturing tools such as hand held grinders, grinding belts, various types of deburring tools and belts, tote pans, gages, fixtures, verniers, go-no go pins and micrometers.

Must follow all safety requirements of job as outlined on the job safety card.
Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor.
Complete all paperwork associated with the job. Correctly maintain all forms and instruction sheets.
Maintain a clean and orderly working environment.
Inform your supervisor about problems that occur.

(i) to report time correctly on electronic system

(ii) to read and understand basic work instructions and use basic verbal and written communications

(iii) capable of reading, understanding and using measuring and gaging devices including calipers, micrometers, drop indicators, etc.

(iv) to operate various machines such as Haas machining centers and Chiron CNC machining centers

(v) to perform visual inspection, and finishing/salvage at a proficient level.


  • Vision requirement of 20/30 near correctable, with depth perception.
  • Must have high school diploma or GED

Additional Information

Exposure to dirt dust, odors, and noise within acceptable limits with the use of protective equipment.

Visit us for a current list of available positions and additional application instructions at www.hitchiner.com and please reference Avjobs when applying.

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Machine Tool Operator C job at Hitchiner Manufacturing
Apply for this Machine Tool Operator C position today


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Machine Tool Operator C job at Hitchiner Manufacturing

Machine Tool Operator C job at Hitchiner Manufacturing

Machine Tool Operator C job at Hitchiner Manufacturing

Machine Tool Operator C job at Hitchiner Manufacturing

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